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Mike Tyson Bluntly Refuses to Support His Eldest Son’s Professional Boxing Dreams: ‘Man, Just Get a Job’


Mike Tyson is inarguably one of the greatest boxers to ever live, and there’s no doubt he passed his unique talent down to his eldest son, Amir.
But according to Tyson‘s recent comments, he really doesn’t want Amir to follow in his footsteps and pursue a professional boxing career himself.

Mike Tyson’s eldest son wants to fight Logan Paul
Tyson has three sons (Amir, Miguel, and Morocco), and he’s trained with them in the gym ever since they first showed interest in the sport of boxing.

None of the three have explored a professional boxing career yet despite being old enough to do so, but Amir, who’s 24 years old, has started to show an interest.

Paul recently called out “old” Tyson and claimed he could take him in a fight, so Amir wants to defend his father’s honor by knocking out the brazen YouTuber-turned-boxer.

But that won’t be happening if Tyson has any say in the matter.

Tyson bluntly refuses to support his son’s boxing dreams

Most professional athletes would be thrilled if their sons or daughters also decided to pursue a career in sports, but not Tyson. Tyson revealed he has no interest in supporting Amir’s boxing dreams.

I have my kid, the oldest one, he’s 24. He wants to do this so bad. I said, ‘Man, just chill the f— out.’ He wants to fight Logan Paul and those guys. He wants to do that. I said, ‘Man, just get a job. Get a real estate license. Just chill out, man. Why can’t you take advantage of your lightweight wealthiness? Just chill.’ You don’t want none of that heat. I’m telling you. This drives people to commit suicide, getting humiliated in front of millions of people. You gotta be able to take that pressure and heat. Not many people can do it. It seems like a lot of people, but the people doing it is such a small percent. It’s probably one percent.


Tyson knows better than anyone the toll professional boxing can take on a man, and he understandably doesn’t want his son to experience the same struggles he went through as a fighter.

Could “Iron Mike” really be Logan Paul’s next opponent?
“Someone mentioned Mike Tyson. My lawyer mentioned it and he’s like, ‘Nah, Tyson will rip your head off. You don’t stand a chance.’ I’m like, ‘I just went through all this.’ You can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson. He’s old, old,” Paul said.

If Amir Tyson won’t be stepping in the ring to shut Paul up, maybe “Iron Mike” will.


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