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Muhammad Ali Vs Joe Frazier I: Is This The Most Cinematic Punch Of All Time?


Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier
Frazier was the first man to get the better of Ali, winning their opening bout in 1971 via unanimous decision, knocking his opponent down in the 15th round in the process with a stunning blow.

Their rematch took place three years later, with Ali returning the favour by defeating his opponent via the same result, unanimous decision.

The third and final fight was that Thrilla in Manila bout, with the pair’s rivalry coming to a conclusion in a trilogy fight, with Ali winning again, this time winning via technical knockout.

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier I
Boxing fans were shocked when Frazier managed to defeat Ali, something no other fighter had been able to do, especially considering he knocked him down during the fight, although it wasn’t enough to keep Ali down for good who fought back, but lost when the judges had their say.

Frazier landed a left hook on Ali which sent him to the canvas, with it being dubbed the ‘most cinematic punch ever’ due to the perfection of the strike.

The video has been shared on Reddit recently, with fans absolutely loving the shot from Frazier, taking to the comments to talk about the famous knockdown.


On Reddit, the post posed the question, is this the most cinematic punch of all time? One reply read: “Considering the punch, the fighter, the context, yes – 100%.”

Another added: “When will we put Joe’s hook in a museum lmao, that left hand was a thing of art.”

Whilst another Redditer commented: “A perfectly thrown left hook is the best punch in boxing. Joe Frazier’s left hook should hang in the Louvre.”

One of the other comments read: “That left hook wasn’t an ordinary punch that’s for sure!”

With someone else on the platform adding: “Crazy how casually Ali gets up from one of the best punches in history.”

The knockdown from Frazier certainly is a thing of beauty, but it’s also a testament to Ali’s character that he was able to get up from such a shot and continue in the fight, even if it was in vain.



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