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Who Was The First Person To Beat The 23-Year-Old Tyson Fury And Then The ‘Gypsy King’ Knocked Him Out Instantly


Tyson Fury’s famous trilogy of fights with Deontay Wilder saw him knocked down four times in total, only to rise to his feet and continue fighting on again and again.

Many were stunned, especially in the final round of the first fight, by the Gypsy King’s ability to get up and keep going, however this was not the first time he’d touched the canvas.

A fair few are aware of Fury’s US debut against Steve Cunningham back in 2013, when the American floored the Brit.

But not many know about his 2011 Commonwealth title bout at age 23, when he took on Neven Pajkic.


In just his 17th professional contest, Fury faced the unbeaten Canadian who was also 16-0 before the first bell.

The first round saw the smaller man give the home favourite some problems, but it was in round two when the action truly began.

Pajkic hurled an overhand right which the inexperienced Fury simply did not see coming.

It sent him crashing backwards to the canvas, falling on his backside.

Fury looked shocked more than anything and, luckily for him, was not badly hurt.

He recovered to his feet and battled on to the bell.

Then, in the very next round, Fury returned the favour by flooring Pajkic twice and forcing the referee to jump in and stop the contest.

Fury said post-fight: “I gave myself a scare there for a sec.

“As I’ve always said, heavyweights are heavyweights. He got me with a good shot, bang on the chin.

“I went down, got back up, stopped him.

“I would say it shows a true champion to get knocked down like that and get back up.”


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