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General Hospital: Is It A Wrap For Nina And Time For A Carly-Sonny Reboot?


There is no doubt that General Hospital knows how to keep the fans hooked. After all, the ABC soap has been around for decades and is still relevant and thriving! However, it is also true that GH has a habit of running in circles with some characters and their storylines. For instance, Nina Reeves Corinthos. For as long as we can remember, she self-sabotages and then makes one mess up after the other to try to cover up the previous one.

The same has been going on endlessly with her SEC secret on General Hospital. Like a baton in a relay race, the secret is getting passed from one person to the next, but no one really is spilling it. And we can’t help but wonder if this is all there can ever be with Nina’s character. If that really is the case, wouldn’t it be more prudent to write the character off once and for all? After all, when the secret is exposed, Sonny and Willow both may not want anything to do with her anymore. So what else would be left for her to do anyway?

Moreover, let’s not forget that Nina is the only big hurdle in Sonny and Carly’s path to reunion on General Hospital. Not that either of them are in any rush to reunite. But, well, if Nina was gone, they might just begin to feel the pull to each other and consider rekindling their romance. Because, let’s be honest, Drew does not really stand a chance against Sonny and Carly’s connection, chemistry, and history. And above everything else, the fanbase!


Will Sparks Fly Between Sonny And Carly Again On General Hospital?

We know that no matter what happens, Sonny and Carly will always be in each other’s life on General Hospital. The two will always need each other when trouble strikes. The latest GH spoilers reveal that Carly will be devastated in the upcoming episodes when she hears about Bobbie Spencer’s passing. Undoubtedly, she will have a difficult few weeks ahead of her. Sure, Drew will be there to support her. But for how long? We know he is on and off. Here today, Australia tomorrow, prison another day. But Sonny, he is always there.

If Sonny breaks it off with Nina after finding out that she had been lying to him for months, he will need Carly to lean on General Hospital. We can totally picture that in the upcoming episodes, Carly and Sonny may spend an evening over drinks, talking their hearts out. And just like that, just like old times – sparks may fly again! If that happens, it will be a long-overdue treat for CARSON fans.

Would you be on board with a Sonny and Carly reunion on General Hospital? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on this story!


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