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General Hospital: Spencer And Trina Discuss MARRIAGE, A New Invitation For Trouble


Attention General Hospital fans! It has happened, it has finally happened! All those who were waiting for the other shoe to fall, well, it has! Esme’s memory is back! Those who tuned into the December 22, 2023, episode saw Esme revisiting Wyndemere, which brought back a memory flood. She finally remembers it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And most importantly – the evil! But what next? Will she bury that part of herself knowingly, or will the darkness take over her once again? Moreover, what will it mean for SPRINA’s future? Let’s find out!

Esme Recalls It ALL On General Hospital

Okay, we have to address one thing first. Ever since this amnesia storyline spilled out, a large section of the viewers felt that Esme was bluffing. That she was only playing a fool of everyone to avoid ending up behind bars. But it seems that her amnesia w as real. The way Esme collapsed on the floor when the memory rush hit her was telltale. The shock, the ache, and the denial. It was epic. In fact, in a recent chat with Michael Fairman TV, actress Avery Pohl expressed similar sentiments.


She pointed out that Esme had been painted in a corner on General Hospital. And the only way to keep her on canvas was to give her amnesia. Moreover, she admitted that she loved playing the amnesiac version, as it gave her the opportunity to play two characters in one. The good and the evil. But what now? With her memory back, which side will Esme choose? Avery refrained from giving that away, but she admitted that Esme had developed a bit of a moral conscience. Moreover, she is madly in love with Spencer Cassadine!

Spencer And Trina Discuss Marriage, Will Esme Stand Back?

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Spencer and Trina will discuss their future. The love birds will agree that at some point in the future they do want to get married to each other. But with Esme so in love with him and armed by her memories, will she really stand on the sidelines and watch them exchange vows? Avery admits that it is hard for Esme to watch them romancing right under her nose.

Does that mean that at some point, she will feel pushed enough to retaliate on General Hospital? Honestly, we feel she has to! Otherwise, what would be the point of giving her the memories back? Sure, she might feel conflicted. Given the moral conscience and all. But we don’t think that would be enough to stop her from stirring some major trouble between Spencer and Trina. What do you think? Are you ready to watch a triangle between Esme – Spencer – and Trina? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.


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