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Sister Wives: How The Brown Family Contradicted Their Fear Of Police

Over the years, the Sister Wives stars have contradicted their lifestyle more than once, often telling multiple sides to a story on their TLC series.


Over the years, the stars of Sister Wives have shared multiple reasons why they mistrust the police, but it turns out some of their stories were a bit off. As Kody Brown explained early on in the series, polygamy was against the law in Utah. Choosing to practice the religion had the family living in fear for years, but was it unnecessary?

Since 2010, viewers have been getting to know more about Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown. The Brown family has always believed that love should be multiplied and not divided. However, throughout the seasons, some of the family’s major storylines didn’t add up. For years, Kody has tried to keep his Sister Wives story moving in the direction he wanted to portray, but there may have been a few times when the timelines got confused.

Kody Brown Was Planning A Las Vegas Move For Years

On Sister Wives, the Browns fled Utah in the middle of the night because Kody was under investigation for bigamy. During the first season, Kody and his wives shared that they had learned through the paper that their family was being looked at by the Lehi City Police and that they had handed the investigation over to the state. However, during a CNN interview with Joy Behar, the host noted that bigamy means being married to more than one wife legally, and Kody never was. The talk show host asked what the investigation was about, with Meri Brown responding that the family never was told anything about a possible investigation, claiming once again they only got their information from local papers.


Why Kody Brown Comes Across As A Liar

Kody has lied to his wives and Sister Wives viewers for years. Janelle Brown opens up in the interview, saying, “First off, Kody has been talking about moving to Nevada for years. He has always loved it.” The statement seemed odd since Kody had always insulated that he had to pack up in the middle of the night and run for his freedom. Recently, Gwen Brown also shared the real reason the family left Nevada was that Dayton, Robyn’s son, wanted to attend school in Arizona.

Since the latest season of Sister Wives ended Kody is still trying to figure out a way to salvage his reputation. With Christine, Janelle, and Meri separating from him, Kody’s not disillusioned with plural marriage. For years, it was clear that he only wanted to be with Robyn, and now he has gotten his wish. The good news is that the police are no longer after him and possibly never were.


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