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How Each Sister Wives Star Celebrated Father’s Day

Each Sister Wives star chose to celebrate Father's Day in their way, but none included honoring the patriarch and father of 18, Kody Brown.


This past Sunday was Father’s Day, and not surprisingly, the Sister Wives clan didn’t have one kind word to say about their patriarch, Kody Brown. The polygamous family has been estranged for years after Kody made it clear he only cared about his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Now Kody will at least not have to deal with socks or a homemade present since none of his children really like him anyway.

For the last few years, Kody has found himself in a downward spiral when it comes to most of his family relationships. Since the previous season of Sister Wives, Kody has gone from four wives to just one. Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown all decided it was time for them to step away from their unions with the once proud polygamous. One of the main reasons for the divorce was Kody’s lack of love for his older children. Kody forgot how to spread his time and began to only concentrate on Robyn’s children. It’s now clear Kody won’t be getting the Father of the Year award.

Janelle Brown Brags About Night Out

Janelle Brown didn’t post any form of celebration for Father’s Day, but it’s safe to say her six children-Logan, Maddie, Hunter, Garrison, Gabe, and Savanah Brown all treated her to a few nice words since she was often the mother and the father of the household. Instead, the Sister Wives 

star shared a photo of her on a night out a few days prior, where she was dressed to the nines. Janelle was sending a message to Kody, clearly telling him to eat his heart out.

Christine Brown Gushes Over David



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Christine Brown wasted no time in celebrating how great of a father and step-father David Woolley has been to her six children: Paedon, Mykelti, Aspyn, Gwen, Ysabel, and Truely Brown. Christine posted a photo showing off her love for David while both wore cowboy hats. The former wife of Kody noted that David has shown her children love and has been “present” in their everyday lives. The post was a clear jab at Kody and his lack of care for his children.

Meri Brown Honors Late Father

Instead of honoring the father of her child Leon Brown, Meri chose to mention her late father. Bill Barber was also a practicing polygamous who had five wives and 25 children. Meri had often spoken highly of her dad on Sister Wives, noting he always took the time to make each of his children feel special, unlike Kody’s approach, which was to ignore most of his older kids.


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