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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Suffering From A Severe Medical Issue?


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is everyone’s favorite. Over the years, she has earned a lot of love from her fans because of her positive persona. Even in the most chaotic situations, the celeb uses her calm to stay grounded and has won many hearts. However, it is evident that her journey hasn’t been an easy one. Janelle has recently stepped into a completely new phase and is trying to adapt to the new normal in her life. Amid all this, recently, she talked about a severe issue that she has been facing for a while now. Is she fine? What medical problem is she dealing with?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Opens Up About Her Medical Condition

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives has switched to a completely healthy lifestyle. She has lost almost 100 lbs in the last few years. Since she parted ways with Kody, her main focus has been on her physical and mental health. Hence, the celeb is often featured trying different kinds of workouts while having green leafy meals. But it seems that even after all these efforts, Janelle was suffering from something serious. Recently, she took to Instagram and talked about her current condition with her fans.

Janelle recently shared a clip in which she revealed that she was facing “sleep” issues these days. She hasn’t been able to sleep peacefully at night and has tried almost everything to rectify the situation. As per the celeb, she tried taking “supplements,” “cleaning up” her diet, and exercising. But the Sister Wives star wasn’t able to get her sleep back. She admitted reaching a point in her life where she frequently faced such problems. However, the matrairch seemed happy when Plexus introduced its new sleeping pills. Janelle claimed that she had been trying them for a few days, and it worked wonders for her.


Sister Wives: Is Janelle Brown Suffering Because She Is All Alone?

Janelle Brown once used to live in a plural family with three other Sister Wives and 18 children. But as per the current scenario, she is all alone dealing with her life. A few months back, she announced her split from Kody Brown and decided to live with her daughter Madison for a while. However, recently she took to Instagram and revealed that she was moving back into her RV. Earlier, Janelle’s daughter Savannah used to live with her. But now she has also moved out because of her higher studies and graduating high school.

So as per the current scenario, Janelle is living in her trailer all alone. Hence, fans have started to feel that perhaps she is having a hard time sleeping because of her loneliness. Intially, the celeb had Christine through thick and thin, but now the latter has been busy with David. On the other hand, it hasn’t even been a year since Janelle’s split from Kody. So there is a fair chance that all the memories of the past are still haunting her and might be making her sleep deprived. However, fans were happy to know that after taking new supplements, she was least able to have a decent amount of sleeping hours. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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