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Just Shocking! Brook Lynn Gets Pregnant at The Worst Time Ever – General Hospital Spoilers


Brook Lynn and Chase really suffered through their breakup on General Hospital. Previously, the two had parted ways when Chase felt betrayed by the secrets BLQ had been keeping behind his back. Which subsequently stole his chance of getting reinstated at PCPD. However, the two never lost feelings for each other. Thus, eventually, when Brook Lynn came around to learning from her mistakes, the two got back together. But history might just repeat itself because of BLQ’s latest choices. However, the latest spoilers tease that their complicated relationship will get all the more complicated by a baby-bomb!

Brook Lynn Lays The Foundation Of Another Break-Up

After relentlessly yearning for a reconciliation with Chase, Brook Lynn finally got back with him on General Hospital. This made her want to be a more thoughtful and a careful person for the sake of their future. However, Tracy Quartermaine had other ideas. BLQ had taken Tracy’s help to get Chase back in the police force. And now Tracy wants BLQ to return the favor. She is blackmailing her granddaughter that if she doesn’t comply she would tell Chase the truth about how he got his job back.

Of course, Chase won’t be happy to know that BLQ basically made Tracy bribe his reinstatement. Moreover, he would be livid that Brook Lynn is still keeping secrets from him on General Hospital. Thus, she feels forced into spying at Deception for Tracy. Unfortunately, this is a move that is just digging a deeper hole for BLQ. Because the truth will eventually come out! She already has confessed to taking info to Lucy and Maxie. They will certainly be on high alert now. So it’s only a matter of time before it all blows up! How will Chase react to this mess?


General Hospital: Will Brook Lynn’s Pregnancy Stop Chase From Walking Out?

Brook Lynn has essentially chosen to create more secrets that she needs to hide from Chase just to hide the previous secrets. That’s exactly how one gets trapped in a web of their own lies! And BLQ is about to find that out on General Hospital pretty soon. There is no way Chase will take this in his stride. General Hospital spoilers tease that their relationship is about to get more complicated. Moreover, there are also some spoilers hinting that Brook Lynn might soon drop the baby bomb on Chase!

Although we haven’t seen any on-screen love-making between Brook Lynn and Chase on General Hospital. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening off-screen! It’s almost a given, when two adults are in a romantic relationship! Besides, a few episodes ago, GH dropped a major hint that Chase might find himself starting a family! Michael has asked Chase about how he feels about starting a family with BLQ. However, Chase had stated that it was too soon to think on those lines. But isn’t that exactly the kind of thing one says on soaps, right before having to do it?

Thus, Brook Lynn might tell Chase she is pregnant right around the time Chase finds out the secrets that she has been keeping from him on General Hospital. What will Chase do then? Will he dump his baby mama right when she might need him the most? Or will a baby become exactly what they need to start afresh, all over again? Stay tuned to General Hospital spoilers to find out what happens between Brook Lynn and Chase next!


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