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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Something That Robyn Doesn’t Have! [Best Revenge]


Sister Wives stars Robyn and Christine have never been two peas in a pod. The latter openly accused the former of being the most favored wife of all. Hence, it was evident that they weren’t besties ever. Even Robyn had issues when Christine decided to part ways and break her ties with the Browns. But now it seems that the tables have completely turned. Recently, Kody’s ex-wife flaunted something that her present wife doesn’t have, and she is crying her heart over it! What is it? What is the thing Robyn is crying for but Christine has?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Cries Over Something That Christine Now Has!

The new season, i.e., Sister Wives Season 18, is about to air next month, and it has already been creating headlines. In the recent trailer, Robyn was documented crying her heart out when Meri Brown announced that she wouldn’t be around anymore. The former couldn’t control her tears as she had a dream that was shattered. As per the star, she wanted to sit on her “porch” with her Sister Wives, kids, and grandkids. But after Meri, Janelle, and Christine’s divorce, she is the only wife left and can no longer do so with her so-called polygamous family!

But it seems that Christine is surely fulfilling Robyn’s dream for herself. Recently, she took to Instagram and revealed that she was getting her backyard ready for all her “grandkids” to come and play. Hence, a Reddit thread started claiming that while Robyn was crying over her “imaginary porch,” David and Christine got a “backyard” and a “deck” for their family. Hence, now Janelle, along with all her kids and grandkids, could come for a stay, and they could together sit as ex-Sister Wives and have fun! Many viewers found it really ironic and believed that now Christine has given a “knife” for Robyn’s kidneys as well, just way she gave to Kody!


Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Are Now Facing Marital Issues

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is having a hard time now. It was evident from Season 18’s trailer that things are surely not going in her favor. The celeb always wanted to live in a plural family but ended up living a monogamous life. Fans feel that Robyn wanted to be the “only favored wife” but not the “only wife.” Hence, it seems that things are getting out of her hand now. Lately, there have been several reports claiming that now she and Kody are having some serious issues in their marriage.

Recently, a source claimed that Kody had left Robyn’s house and was living in an RV with Dayton. Fans further noticed that he was filming all his Cameo videos in a different location now. Moreover, in one of them, the celeb even stated that he is a “Man of wives with no wives.” However, the patriarch was recently spotted with Robyn at a local fair. But it was evident from the picture that they weren’t happy together. That is the reason why fans feel that Kody and Robyn are now having issues. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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