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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Still Follows Kody On Social Media?


Ahead of Season 18 of Sister Wives, fans begin to chat about the dynamics in the family and Christine Brown’s relationship with Kody seems a top talking point. Some folks wonder if she still follows him on social media. Actually, that led to even more interesting observations about other family members who do or don’t follow the TLC patriarch.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Seems Irritated With Kody

When TLC dropped a trailer for Season 18, one scene showed Christine talking about how everyone’s “angry.” Janelle certainly lost it with her husband, and told him to “Shut the F-Up!” Perhaps Christine tried to calm everyone down because a later segment of the trailer showed her trying to cheer up grumpy Kody. She suggested that he should at least be able to laugh at some of their memories. As usual, he just got grumpier, so why would she follow him on social media?

Sister Wives fans might think that Meri, Janelle, and Christine would cancel their ex-husband out of their lives. So, not following him seems sort of natural. At first, it was thought that Kody didn’t even bother to attend Gwendlyn’s wedding. That actually made sense because of his estrangement from some of his sons, but he did, in fact, turn up. So, it becomes obvious that at least some people in the family will interact with him again. However, Meri might not ever follow him after he tossed her out.


Sister Wives: Christine Follows Kody’s Social Media – Meri Does Not?

Redditor u/vixterrr raised the subject about the various wives who follow Kody, or not. In the post, it said:

Anyone know why Christine follows Kody on Instagram, but not Meri?

This is probably nothing, or I might have missed some drama, but it seems weird. Also, Janelle doesn’t follow Kody or Meri. Meri doesn’t follow anyone.I definitely have too much time on my hands to notice this, but wondered whether there was any gossip about a fall out with Meri?”


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