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General Hospital Spoilers: Selina Offers Curtis Miracle Cure – Arranges Risky Procedure But There’s a Catch?


General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Selina Wu (Lydia Look) may come up with a way to pull Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) even further into her tangled web. Curtis has never been thrilled about doing business with Selina, but that may change if she offers him a miracle cure.

GH fans know Curtis has been doing futile research online since there’s nothing out there that can help him – at least nothing he can find on all these random medical websites.

It’s probably going to take someone important like Selina to arrange the success story that Curtis has in mind.

Selina likes having Curtis under her control, but she’s also admitted she’s fond of him.

Curtis may not think of Selina as a friend, but she clearly considers their alliance a friendly one and will want to help him.

That said, Selina never does anything out of the kindness in her heart!

When it comes to Selina, she’s always working an angle and trying to make moves that’ll benefit her business in the end.

With that in mind, Selina might propose a deal with Curtis.

Perhaps Selina will eventually meet with Curtis down the road and offer him a miracle cure – though there would inevitably be strings attached.


Selina is the kind of woman who has major connections to key players all over the world.

There’s a good chance Selina’s got some incredible doctor under her thumb and on speed dial.

There may be some experimental treatment that’s proven successful on other patients, but going through with it could also come with serious risks.

Curtis might decide he’s willing to do whatever it takes to walk again and strike the deal, but what would Selina ask for in return?

Selina could easily push for Curtis’ total and permanent loyalty since she could give him his old life back.

Maybe Selina will want Curtis to take on a more official role in her organization and become a bigger part of the mob scene.

Whatever the case, Selina seems like the perfect character to step up and offer to fix Curtis’ paralysis problem for a price!

General Hospital spoilers say Curtis could accept a troubling offer somewhere down the line, so stick with us for updates on the stunning news ahead.

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