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Perkie’s Observations: Sasha’s Nightmare Continues on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 27, 2023


Liz is on duty and Curtis tells her he doesn’t want visitors, especially Portia and Trina. Finn finds Portia crying in the doctor’s lounge and sends an SOS text to Liz. Liz tells Portia about Curtis’ request for no visitors. Liz wants to know what happened between them, and Portia says Curtis wants nothing to do with her.

Portia explains her conversation with Curtis, and says she took her wedding vows seriously but Curtis is determined to push her away. Portia tells Liz about Curtis kissing Jordan and Liz says getting shot doesn’t absolve Curtis of the crap he’s pulled. Liz asks if Portia is she’ll fight for the relationship if Curtis hadn’t been shot.Portia says she would have. She loves him and has for most of her life.

Finn pays Curtis a visit to let him know he’s here to support him. Curtis asks for space but Finn brings up their addictions. Curtis swears he’s not using and he’s told his doctors about his addiction in terms of the pain medication. Finn is still concerned, saying Curtis is isolating himself from everyone who loves him. Curtis says it’s not about addiction.

Curtis says he doesn’t want to tie Portia and Trina to him because he’s helpless. Finn says he learned the hard way you can’t shut out everyone. He says Curtis can’t do this on his own and needs his family around him. Portia storms into Curtis’ room with pamphlets on rehabilitation and physical therapy and tells him they will face this together

Maxie’s annoyed when Georgie and James keep fighting and warns them to clean up their mess before Mac arrives. After Maxie leaves, the kids continue arguing and Mac has no control over them, until Felicia storms in. Felicia has them ship shape in no time for which Mac is grateful.

Cody is thankful to Sam and Dante for allowing him to crash for the night. Cody says he’s worried about Sasha and she’s in danger. Dante says Sasha is where she needs to be to get the help she needs but Cody disagrees. Dante pushes for details and Cody says Sasha was better and fell apart all of a sudden. He believes the people around her are the problem and Gladys can’t be trusted.

Cody says he heard Gladys talking about money with Selina, so Dante pushes to know why they were all together at The Savoy. Cody finally admits about the poker game and how Gladys is likely paying off her debts with Sasha’s money. Cody also admits Selina bankrolls him to play for her and threatened to kill him if he talks.


Sam heads over to see Molly, who’s recovering from falling down the stairs in heels because she was distracted. Molly complains about her inability to have a child and how she’ll always feel like there is something missing. Sam asks about TJ and Molly says they have some decisions to make, about waiting until they’re more settled and looking into adoption.

Nina runs into Carly at Kelly’s and tells her about the visit with Willow. Carly is annoyed, saying Nina needs to wait for Willow’s word, but she says it was Willow’s invitation to include her in the bubble. Nina thanks Carly because she thinks she dropped her vendetta against her, and that’s why Willow reached out.

Nina says she wants them to get along for Willow’s sake, but Carly doesn’t believe they’re family because Nina took her life. Carly promises she’ll get back everything she’s lost which Nina sees as a threat.

Sasha finds herself cuffed to her bed and questions the nurse who tells her  she’s at Ferncliff. Sasha doesn’t remember what happened but says she shouldn’t be there. Gladys and Dr Montague both show up to check on her. Gladys tells Sasha she tried to kill Cody.

Dr Montague says Sasha had a psychotic break and became delusional, which surprises her. Sasha says she was doing better but Gladys disagrees, saying she made it up to convince herself she’s getting better.

Gladys is surprised when Maxie shows up to visit with Sasha and tells her the doctor won’t allow it. Maxie presses and Gladys claims Sasha is delusional and doesn’t remember what she’s done. Maxie insists Sasha needs to see her friends, but Gladys says to let the doctor help her.

Sasha tries to convince Dr Montague she’s fine. She spoke with Sonny who agreed she was ready to be in charge of her own life. Dr Montague claims those are delusional thoughts and she made up those conversations. Sasha says she was improving until she started to see him and take the medication he gave her. Dr Montague decides Sasha is getting too agitated and pulls out a syringe to add something to her IV while she screams at him to stop.

((*So did Brook Anne actually hurt herself and they wrote it in that nunuMolly hurt herself? Like, did she break her leg chasing her grandchildren around?!!))
((Also, what has Carly lost? The hotel? She didn’t lose it, she gave it away with both hands. Her husband? In the time that she hasn’t had him, she’s had Jason and Drew. She’s not hurtin’ for a man. Her house? Nope she still has that. A job? Nope, Mommy gave her one for a dollar. Again, what has she lost???))


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