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Robyn Brown REFUSES To Tell Kids Their Father Is Dying


As fans of TLC’s Sister Wives know, Robyn Brown had her three oldest children with her ex-husband David Preston Jessop. Now, fans also know that Kody Brown ended up legally divorcing his first wife Meri so he could get married to Robyn on paper making it easier for him to adopt her older children and get them on proper health insurance.

According to a YouTuber who intensely followers several different reality TV shows including Sister Wives named Backwoods Barbi, the biological father of Robyn Brown’s oldest children is dying of cancer. The YouTuber alleges that Robyn Brown is adamantly refusing to allow the children she had with David to be made aware of the fact that their biological father is dying.

What exactly does Robyn Brown not want her older three children to know that David Preston Jessop, their biological father, is dying? Keep reading for the details on what Backwoods Barbi had to share about the situation.

Robyn Brown REFUSES To Tell Kids Their Father Is Dying

Robyn Brown has reportedly been aware of the fact that David Preston Jessop has been dying of cancer for over a year now. She, however, allegedly refused to tell her oldest three children what was going on. According to Backwoods Barbi, Robyn argued that her children were currently going to school and that is where their focus needed to be. She claimed that she didn’t want them distracted from their schoolwork by what was going on with her ex-husband.

In her video, the YouTuber shares a detailed update on how Robyn Brown’s ex-husband is fairing and that he’s lost a significant amount of weight. The YouTuber included a GoFundMe link on the off chance that any of her followers felt compelled to help this man. Backwoods Barbi added that she really wasn’t sure why no one else was sharing this story and she felt like any time a fan tried to post it in a fan group or on Reddit, 

it quickly got deleted.

Check out the 11-minute video down below where Backwoods Barbi details the fact that David Preston Jessop is dying and Robyn refuses to tell his biological children about it down below:

How Sister Wives Fans Feel About It

On one hand, Sister Wives fans do understand not wanting to distract her children from their schoolwork. On the other hand, fans also think Robyn is making a huge mistake as she’s robbing her children of a chance to say goodbye to the man who helped bring them into the world.

Some fans worry Robyn Brown doesn’t realize her children may grow to resent her for taking away the opportunity to say goodbye to their father.

Many fans, however, pointed out that her oldest three children were certainly old enough to make their own decisions and she couldn’t stop them from making a phone call if they really wanted to speak to their father. Fans also agreed what Robyn was doing to her children was a special kind of evil.

Do you understand where Robyn Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives is coming from? Or, do you think she is making a huge mistake in not telling her children what is going on with their biological father?


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