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Sister Wives: Christine Filming Her Wedding Special Episode? Is TLC Crew In London With David & Family?


Sister Wives fans are eager to watch Christine and David exchange vows now. Each day they are getting closer to walking down the aisle increasing viewers’ anticipation now. Lately, the couple has been busy enjoying their newfound love and are exploring the world together. Recently, Christine revealed that she was in London with almost all her daughters and David. Now viewers are wondering if this trip was also funded by TLC and if they are currently filming for the ‘wedding special episode’ of the upcoming season! Is this true? Will the London trip become a part of Sister Wives?

Sister Wives: Is TLC Filming Christine & David’s London Trip?

Christine and David have become fans’ favorites now. They simply cannot stop gushing over them and are manifesting their happily ever after now. Recently, this Sister Wives couple revealed that they were finally in London with Aspen, Mitch, Mykelti, Truly, and Ysabel. All of them are posting pictures from their vacation, and viewers are able to hear wedding bells now. Many of them initially predicted that Christine and David would perhaps exchange vows in a castle and would have a destination wedding. But it seems that this couldn’t be possible in their case, as per tvshowsace.


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As per the current scenario, there is no sign of Janelle and her kids being in London. Moreover, David’s children and his grandkids aren’t also there. Sister Wives fans feel that Christine and Woolley wouldn’t have had their wedding without them at least. So, there is a fair chance that this could be just a ‘wedding special episode’ in which the couple would spend some quality time with their kids before getting married. It’s very likely that the London trip will be featured in the upcoming seasons. So, fans might get to see more of it on the show.


Sister Wives: Is TLC Funding Christine’s Expensive London Trip?

Many reports have claimed in the past that TLC usually funds such abroad trips for their stars. So now Sister Wives fans are wondering if the network is settling the bills for Christine and David’s current London trip as well. Apparently, this scenario is only possible if the Browns had permitted the crew to film this trip. Like Gwen decided to exchange vows behind the camera and didn’t want her wedding to be a part of the reality TV realm. So the network perhaps wouldn’t have funded it at all, and the Browns would have to deal with the expenses!

So if the camera crew were with Christine and David, perhaps their bills might have been settled by TLC. On the other hand, fans feel that there is a fair chance that the latter took his fiance and her kids on this expensive trip. Apparently, there have been several instances when viewers noticed David showering money on Christine and her daughters. He often takes them on outings and loves to spend time with them. Perhaps he decided to fill full his beau’s dream of going on an international trip with her kids and her future husband. What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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