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Sister Wives: Kody Makes Cheating Accusation – Janelle Shuts Down Camera in Season 18 (VIDEO)


Sister Wives captures Janelle Brown‘s anger toward Kody Brown, which becomes so heated that she demands the TLC cameras shut down. Right before this scene, Kody accuses Janelle of cheating him out of something rightfully his. The remnants of this family today look nothing like their original mission of “love multiplied.”

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Accused of Cheating Kody Brown

Both Janelle Brown and Kody Brown become spitting mad during a scene in the upcoming season. She has had it with her shared husband’s behavior, and she calls him on this.

The meat of the conversation rolls out during the new season. But whatever Janelle says to Kody has him accusing her of “cheating me out of my family.”

Janelle Brown also tells Kody that he’s now pushing her out the door. He calls this an “exaggeration and a lie.”

Fans rally behind Janelle in support. For years, Kody’s second wife remained in the background. She seldom had a disparaging word to say.

But she’s come into her own on Season 18 and fans found a new Janelle who is ready to go for the gusto in life. She battles her way out from decades of being under the rules of this polygamous marriage. Fans weighed in immediately when this latest preview was posted. Applause for Janelle is overabundant today.

Janelle Wants Out – Meri Brown Wants In

Sister Wives fans already know that Kody has only one wife left today, Robyn Brown. But how it got to this point looks heartbreaking.

Meri Brown made no secret of wanting back into Kody’s heart and bedroom. But she’s devastated after he refers to their relationship as “friends.”


Christine Brown became the first wife to jump off this polygamous marriage. Sister Wives fans watched this train wreck in slow motion season after season. This resulted in many of the viewers begging Meri, Janelle, and Christine to get off this ride.


While Christine left first, the other two followed close behind. While Janelle broke out of the confines of this marriage in battle mode, Meri had no choice, Kody gave her up. He put her curbside a while back, and she’s been struggling to find a way back into Kody’s life ever since.

Sister Wives: Kody Favoritism Started Ball Rolling

A new side of Janelle Brown emerges this season. But more truths come out from the other two ex-wives of Kody as well.

Christine Brown has said it before, Kody has favorites. She referred to this again in the new promo clip. She cited his favoritism as one of the main reasons she left him.

The Sister Wives clip pans to a shot of Kody lovingly stroking Robyn’s back. This is something he vowed never to do, show affection to one wife in front of the others. But he did this from the get-go when Robyn came on board as wife number four.

There’s no hiding it anymore, Janelle and Christine see Robyn as a problem in the polygamous marriage they once shared. If Meri sees it that way as well, she certainly hasn’t shared that with her fans.

So, from what this Sister Wives Season 18 new promo indicates, the Brown family is a mess. This new season highlights the part of their journey that brings them all to the place they are today. That’s alone without Kody Brown, all except for his youngest wife who cries a lot through the previews of this TLC new season.

Sister Wives rolls out Season 18 on Sunday, August 20, at 10 pm on TLC.

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