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The Best Time Will Estes Broke Character On Blue Bloods


For 12 seasons, “Blue Bloods” has remained one of the most serious shows on television. The Reagan family all have their gifts, and they put them to good use as various members of New York law enforcement. Together, they clean up the streets to make the city safer, but don’t for a second think the Reagans are all business all of the time. They still carve out periods of their schedules to meet up for Sunday family dinner, where they discuss what they’ve learned the previous week while having a chance to unwind.

The actors on “Blue Bloods” are a lot like the characters they play. They know when it’s time to roll up their sleeves and get down to business, but they also know how to have fun between (and sometimes during) takes. It’s resulted in a ton of hilarious bloopers across all seasons, and Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan, has one particular moment that’s a lot of fun to watch over and over again.

Will Estes can’t keep his composure in a tense scene

During the “Blue Bloods” Season 6 blooper reel, there’s a scene where Jamie Reagan and his partner on the force have their guns pointed toward the camera. Will Estes gets out of the moment ever so briefly, and it results in a less-than-stellar line reading, to put it nicely. The other actor just rolls with it, and he attempts to recoil the gun while shouting “Bang!” This leads Estes to say, “Wait, you can’t say ‘bang,’ we’re on camera.” So what does the other actor do after that? Why, he says “Bang, bang” once again to the audible delight of those behind the scenes.


There’s just something so funny of watching Estes trying to hold it together, even telling them not to clap the sticks because, perhaps vainly, he believes there’s still a way to salvage the scene after it’s already gone well off the rails.

It’s far from the only blooper he has across all of the “Blue Bloods” videos, but it’s definitely the one you’ll find yourself coming back to due to how charming it makes Estes appear.


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