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Sister Wives- Did “Monogamous” Robyn Brown Ever Want Coyote Pass Dream To Come True?

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown's so into monogamy now, but she used to be all about polygamy. Did she really believe in the Coyote Pass dream?

  •  Robyn Brown’s admission that she wants a monogamous marriage with Kody has shocked Sister Wives fans, and raised questions about her intentions and trustworthiness.
  •  The Coyote Pass saga was a battleground for the Brown family, and Robyn and Kody’s recent payment of their debts suggests they are trying to distance themselves from the property.
  •  It is unclear whether Robyn’s recent declarations are genuine, or if she’s trying to stir up drama for the show. How did she really feel about Coyote Pass?

Robyn Brown shocked Sister Wives fans when she finally admitted that she wanted a monogamous marriage with Kody Brown, and she may have just pretended to be into Kody’s whole Coyote Pass pipe dream. Over the years, it’s become harder to trust Robyn, because she’s got that passive-aggressive thing happening. She seems devout, and appeared to care about her fellow sister wives, but it’s possible that she single-handedly ripped apart a plural marriage that might have thrived without her. Way back when, the Brown family was relatively happy, and the Brown kids probably remember those halcyon days, which are long gone. Is Robyn to blame?

Sister Wives‘ Coyote Pass saga was endless. Afterward, Robyn was the only wife left. That patch of land was a battleground, and Kody and Robyn recently paid off their Coyote Pass debts. They’re metaphorically getting out of Dodge. Instead of a polygamous family living in harmony, with each spouse in their own home, there was Janelle Brown camping out in an RV. Christine sold her share of the property for a mere pittance. The memories linked with that Arizona land, including squabbles over the choicest plots, are probably something that Robyn and her former sister wives want to forget.

Was Robyn Just Fooling Herself About Coyote Pass?

No one knows more about the inner workings of the Brown family (past and present) than Robyn. She’s been called the Machiavellian mastermind, who pulls the strings while playing the demure and obedient wife. Since she was the closest to Kody as he tried to make his Coyote Pass vision a reality, she either saw which way the wind was blowing, or just fooled herself into believing that things would work out.


In light of what Robyn’s been saying lately, which is that Kody taking another wife would be disrespectful, it really seems like she never wanted to live at Coyote Pass with her husband (and Meri Brown, Janelle and Christine Brown). It’s not logical that she changed so much overnight, but miracles do happen. If Robyn never wanted the Coyote Pass project to be finished, was she working behind the scenes, making sure that those houses would never, ever be built?

Maybe so. There are plenty of ways she could have sowed dissent in the Brown family ranks, while maintaining her holier-than-thou image. She’s done similar things in the past, such as sitting “thisclose” to Kody during family meetings. She made it crystal clear that she was the important wife. The other spouses had to sit in other places, and watch Robyn as she controlled every last thing, whether she was crying (crocodile tears?) or gazing adoringly at her curly-haired beau, Kody.

Why Does Robyn Feel So Different Now?

Is Robyn revealing her true self now, or just playing another game? With Sister Wives season 18 on the horizon, she could be drumming up drama with her surprising monogamy reveal. Robyn surely knows that drama is money in the bank. What could be more dramatic than a warring couple, where one half wants to go courting, and the other wants total fidelity.

This potential storyline is a recipe for disaster that practically guarantees high ratings. If there’s a Sister Wives season 19, Robyn may show viewers who she really is, stepping out the shadows to become a typical wife, rather than the ultimate polygamy fan. As Robyn changes while the world watches, it’s hard to believe Robyn loved scenic Coyote Pass. In fact, she may have hated it.


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