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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Carly and Olivia resolving things cause issues for Nina’s wedding?

General Hospital Spoilers, 9 August 2023: From Carly and Olivia's conversation to Nina and Sonny's conflicting wedding plans, here's what you can expect


Fans of popular soap opera General Hospital can expect conversations, conflicting plans, and lots of drama from the upcoming episodes of the long-running ABC series. Keep reading to find out the spoilers and highlights for the August 9, 2023, episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Ever since Ned, played by Wally Kurth, fell into the pool and had his memory loss accident, things have been quite different. Carly, played by Laura Wright, had accused him of being the snitch who told about her and Drew’s insider trading to the SEC. Ned’s wife Olivia, played by Lisa LoCicero, was shocked when Carly didn’t let go of her assumption even when Ned was in a coma which is why the two of them haven’t talked since the incident.

Now that Ned, who thinks he is Eddie after his memory loss, is missing yet again, Olivia is going through some serious emotion al stress. This is when Carly and Olivia have an open-hearted conversation. Olivia is surprised when Carly tells her she is willing to forgive and forget everything. Will the two sort things out and become friends again? Or will Olivia call Carly out for acting like the victim when she was the one who accused her husband?


In case Carly and Olivia get back to normal, someone won’t be too happy. Nina, played by Cynthia Watros, accepted Olivia’s volunteering offer to be the planner for her wedding, but Carly and Nina’s feud is not a secret to anyone. Will things get awkward? Nina is busy thinking about her wedding with Sonny, played by Maurice Benard, but will he tell him that Olivia is now planning everything and the Metro Court is the decided venue for it?

Will Sonny tell Nina that he has already booked a church for their fall wedding? Their wedding already seems to be in a state of confusion, how will it last On the other hand, Portia, played by Brook Kerr, has been thinking about Curtis, played by Donnell Turner, and his behavior after his paralysis. Meanwhile, her daughter Trina, played by Tabayna Ali, has finally decided to move out of Carly’s house and back in with her mother again.

When Marshall, played by Robert Gossett, visits Curtis in the hospital, will he talk some sense into his son? Will he be able to get through to Curtis’ broken heart as he comes to terms with the sad fact that he could probably never walk again? The Metro Court pool shooting certainly has been rough on Curtis. General Hospital airs on ABC on weekdays.


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