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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Olivia starting to like her amnesic husband Ned’s alter-ego Eddie?

General Hospital Spoilers, 21 August 2023: From Anna being suspicious about Valentin to Olivia changing her way of seeing Eddie, here's what you can expect


Fans of popular soap opera General Hospital can expect suspicions, changing impressions, and lots of drama from the upcoming episodes of the long-running ABC series. Keep reading to find out the spoilers and highlights for the August 21, 2023, episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Anna, played by Finola Hughes, is aware that her boyfriend Valentin, played by James Patrick Stuart, has been hiding things from her, especially about his involvement with the Pikeman Group. She has been actively trying to attain more information about him through any means she possibly can and when she gets to know more about what Valentin has not been up to, her suspicions about him rise further and it’s definitely not a good look on him.

Valentin is unaware that Anna is investigating stuff about him and believes what he has told her will manage to curb her curiosity for the time being. How will he react when he finds out that Anna has been trying to dig out some information about him now that her trust has been shaken? Meanwhile, in Pentonville prison, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse.

Drew, played by Cameron Mathison, is starting to feel threatened and he knows his life in prison is about to get even harder. He might have Cyrus, played by Jeff Kober, on his side but that doesn’t seem like enough this time around. What is this danger Drew is thinking about? Carly, played by Laura Wright, is worried about her boyfriend and does not want to see him go through anything that can be potentially dangerous or life-threatening.


Sonny, played by Maurice Benard, is there for Carly as she expresses her concern about Drew. Will he use his mafia connections and so something to ensure that Drew is protected in prison? Carly might not be willing to accept Sonny’s help for herself, but she wouldn’t mind if he manages to help Drew in any way. The two are still unaware that Sonny’s fiance Nina snitched to the SEC about Carly and Drew. How will this shocking news finally unravel?

Olivia, played by Lisa LoCicero, had a hard time accepting that her husband Ned, played by Wally Kurth, is going through amnesia and believes himself to be his alter-ego, Eddie. Now that he is around the Quartermaine house a lot more than usual thanks to Tracy, played by Jane Elliot, it seems like Olivia is starting to like Eddie for what he is. What will this lead to?


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