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The Best Time Danny Broke Character On Blue Bloods


The Reagan family on “Blue Bloods” aren’t exactly known for offering a laugh a minute. Many of them are all business all of the time because when your job is to protect the streets of New York City, you have to take it seriously. Sure, they all come together for their routine Sunday night dinner where they crack jokes and let loose a bit, but for the most part, many viewers probably don’t see the actors smile all too often.

It’s a shame because the cast is a hoot, as evidenced from the many blooper reels that have materialized out of the show over the years. The actors are always trying to make one another laugh, which is probably hugely beneficial. Seeing how the show regularly deals with dark topics, it’s nice to watch the cast cut loose and live a little between takes. That especially holds true for Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan. He has a humorous side he doesn’t get to show off too often on the show, but there’s one moment, in particular, where he broke character that shows how he’s susceptible to distractions just like everyone else.

Donnie Wahlberg can’t help but acknowledge the dog in the room

There are a few things you learn when you watch “Blue Bloods” blooper reels featuring Donnie Wahlberg. The first is that he has a ritual he tends to perform before any take where he moves his right hand over his face and makes a dramatic gesture, playing it up that he’s getting into character. It’s a surefire way to get his fellow cast members to bust up, but Wahlberg isn’t impervious to distractions outside of his control, either.


As part of the Season 5 bloopers, Wahlberg had a dramatic scene in front of some lockers. Once he’s done with his line, he looks down, smiles, and says, “Hello, Lumpy.” It’s unclear initially what he’s referring to, but the camera soon pans down to reveal a dog by Wahlberg’s feet. It’s a pretty cute pup at that, so one can easily forgive Wahlberg for breaking character and taking a second to acknowledge the dog on set.

And in case you’re wondering whose dog that was, it’s Wahlberg’s, of course (via Outsider). The actor frequently shows off Lumpy on social media, and apparently, he brought his dog to work that day for the taping of “Blue Bloods.” Hopefully, one day, we’ll see Lumpy actually make a cameo on the police procedural properly.


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