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General Hospital: John J. York’s Exit Reason REVEALED, Big Health Disaster [THIS] Is How You Can HELP


TV Season & Spoilers recently reported that John J. York is taking a hiatus from General Hospital. The exemplary actor portrays the character of Mac Scorpio on the ABC Daytime drama. He debuted on GH back in 1991 and has since been an integral part of the soap’s narrative. Even in the current on-going story, he is up for a massive revelation soon, where he learns that Cody indeed is his biological son. However, that may have to wait since John has some more pressing matters to put his attention to.

The General Hospital star has once again turned to his social media account on X to share some important updates with his fans. In his recent post, John J. York has now opened up about the real reason why he is taking a break from filming for the ABC soap. In a video, he informed his fans and followers that he was diagnosed with not one but two major health concerns in December, 2022. He is suffering with blood and bone-marrow disorders, which could be cancer.

John opened up about his difficult journey since his diagnosis. ” I have had three bone marrow biopsies, many chemo treatments.” he shared. Furthermore, he informed General Hospital fans that he is due for another round in the coming weeks. He also added that he is closing in on a stem-cell transplant. John shared that he has been working with the wonderful team of people at “Be the Match” in hopes of finding a potential donor.


General Hospital: John J. York Makes a Special Request

The General Hospital star then urged his fans and followers to log on to To check information on becoming a possible donor for him and many others in need like him. He also added that Be The Match also accepts financial donations. In case any of the readers are interested in pitching help in that form. John also took the opportunity to thank all his viewers for all the love they have showered him with over the years.

Before signing off, John assured his fans and followers that this wasn’t goodbye and just a so long. He pointed that he will need to take a break for at least three or four months. ” But I’ll be back!” he asserted. Just to lighten up the mood he even threw in an imitation of The Terminator. It is really heartening to see that he is in good spirits. We wish him all the best and may he recover soon!

As for his role on General Hospital, we guess all stories involving him will go on hold. So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on John J. York and his character Mac Scorpio.


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