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“I’ve Got Nice Pecs”: Sister Wives’ Kody Says Janelle Thinks He’s “Hot” (Does She Just Want His Body?)

Sister Wives' Kody Brown has quite an ego, and he's talking about his awesome pecs and abs. He says Janelle Brown loves his "hot" body.

  •  Kody Brown’s talking about his “hot” body in Sister Wives season 18. Is he for real? He thinks Janelle’s lusting after him all the time.
  •  Kody’s musings about his “hotness” bring some comic relief to the show. However, he may be telling the truth about his sex appeal.
  •  Is Janelle’s sexual frustration influencing her in the ongoing season, and leading to temper tantrums?

Kody Brown’s peacocking like a boss in Sister Wives season 18 – he can’t stop talking about his “hot” body. Apparently, Janelle’s insatiable desire for Kody’s ripped physique’s making him feel like a himbo. While Kody’s known for having a high opinion of himself, his comments are still shocking. Those remarks showcase the frequently bewildering inner workings of the uber-patriarch’s mind.

Sister Wives season 18 hasn’t had a whole lot of comic relief so far, so Kody’s musings about his “hotness” were more than welcome. While he sounded ridiculous, there may be a grain of truth to his claims that Janelle’s only interested in his body. When he started spouting off about his muscles, including his “six pack abs,” she got very quiet. The reality show star didn’t deny that she thinks he’s, “hot.” This was flabbergasting to say the least, as Janelle’s image is so businesslike and practical. Apparently, under those modest cardigans, there’s a wildcat.

Did Kody’s Hotness Make Janelle Stay?

Kody’s mighty annoying sometimes, but Janelle’s always stuck it out. Offscreen, she’s left him, but in season 18, she’s making weak efforts to work things out. She’s holding on to some kind of hope. Is Kody’s major-league sexiness the reason why? Maybe she can’t tear herself away from the golden god? While it’s not hard to understand why Janelle would love Kody, even when he’s at his worst (they have so much history, after all), the sexiness angle was a real curveball.

Within the context of Sister Wives, sex isn’t usually discussed. The Brown family’s dynamics are examined ad nauseum (and by this author!), but the sexual component’s largely ignored. However, it may actually be very important. Kody recently tried to hide his “romantic tension” with Robyn Brown from Meri Brown, in a lame and way-too-late attempt to avoid hurting her. As Austin Powers would say, “that train has sailed.” Now, Kody’s talking about Janelle’s lust and what it means.

Things are getting spicy…so spicy! Maybe Janelle wanted a certain “type” of attention from Kody, and didn’t get it during the super-long COVID-19 pandemic. Her frustration might be leading her to explode in season 18. Under all the mundane yet strangely hypnotic fights about problems with the kids, money and more, there could be some simmering resentment. Janelle may want her man’s body, and be ready to throw in the towel because she doesn’t think she’ll get it.


While Janelle appears to be the least jealous of the bunch, underneath, she may be roiling because Kody’s all about Robyn. Her temper’s never been this bad. Is she just longing for Kody’s “nice pecs” ? Janelle says she misses him while she’s in bed. Just think about that for a moment! She’s basically spelling it out. All the while, innocent and unsuspecting Sister Wives viewers may think that her primary issues are linked with everyday problems, like paying bills and dealing with kids. It may not occur to them (until now) that Janelle’s pining for a husband who’s highly unlikely to rise to the occasion.

What Does Janelle “Love” About Kody?

She says she loves him. Clinically assessing exactly what she could “love” leads to an interesting analysis. Since he mostly neglects her, his caring spirit is probably not drawing her in. As he’s abdicated from parenting their kids, his role as a father may not be so appealing. Because she has no money, and he lives high on the hog, his status as a provider is sketchy. So, he’s not caring, he doesn’t parent much, and he doesn’t give her any money. Yet she “loves” him. What exactly does she love? Maybe it really is his body.

For whatever reason, Janelle, who’s at the end of her rope because Kody’s a big baby who’s too weak to steer the Brown family forward, feels something. While Kody’s no stranger to bizarre delusions about his own greatness, his sex appeal may be very real, and in Janelle’s eyes, totally irresistible. Sister Wives season 18 star Janelle clearly thinks Kody’s hot, but not hot enough, because she ultimately bailed out.


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