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Robyn & Kody Brown True Sociopaths Or Bad Editing?


Robyn Brown and her husband, Kody Brown are not loved by Sister Wives fans. Actually, it’s like each episode brings them more haters, but are they sociopaths, or do they get a bad edit? Some fans wonder if the production team enjoys editing them and gaslighting the monogamous couple.

Sister Wives Kody Brown & Robyn Despised

TLC fans feel certain that Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown were deliberately pushed out of the family circle by the patriarch of Sister Wives and his favorite wife. Of course, he denied it, and the wife who took Meri’s place as the only legal one, claims she tried to hold the polygamous family together.

TLC fans seem unanimous in their agreement that Robyn Brown and Kody might be the worst narcissists on reality TV. While the other wives all left under their own volition, Meri finally got the message that she should leave. Unbelievably, she still wears her heart on her sleeve for her former husband. And, people become angry because they think that secretly, the last remaining wife hoped that she would go.

Bad Edits For Robyn and Kody Brown?

Reality TV fans who hang out on Reddit are in two minds. Either way, it still looks bad for the now-monogamous couple. Two separate threads on the social media site discussed two different angles. In one discussion about Sister Wives, an OP wrote, “The editing this season has me cackling.” Others enjoyed the discussion that followed.

One person who doesn’t think Robyn and Kody Brown are shown in a good light with editing said, “I’m enjoying these comical moments of mental short-circuiting. How the family has endured this lack of mental acuity is beyond me. I can only imagine production is enjoying it as well. Too bad that it is also likely frustrating the heck out of some folks who have to navigate this mess.”


True Sociopaths?

The other TLC discussion talked about how badly the couple behaved. Furious, the OP wrote, “Kody not being honest with Meri. Robyn being WAY DISHONEST with Meri…it’s just so gross. We all know she is finally out, but why didn’t they let her go sooner by BEING HONEST?!” Next, they opined, “If there was ever any doubt that Robyn and Kody are sociopathic users who don’t care about anyone but themselves, the proof is in this horrible scene.

Sister Wives fans on that thread believe that it’s not the edits. After all, Robyn and Kody Brown don’t need a helping hand. A commenter said, “Her mask is slipping!! 😂 She looks like a complete narcissist freak who’s panicking because they’re losing their supply of control. Someone needed to tell her to stfu a long ass time ago. Really, I mean..the balls she has to sit there and try to explain how Kody is to a woman who has been married to the guy for 20 years more than her is a sick joke.”

What are your thoughts? Is it a bad edit for the TLC couple? Or, are they simply sociopathic narcissists? Sound off in the comments below and come back here often for all your Sister Wives news.


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