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General Hospital Spoilers For Next 2 Weeks (October 16-27, 2023): Ava’s Life Is At Risk, Michael Fumes Over Nina’s Secret


General Hospital Spoilers For Next 2 Weeks (October 16-27, 2023), reveal that Sonny and Nina fans will have a lot to rejoice over in the beginning of the week. The couple will celebrate their new marriage in the island of Puerto Rico. However, Michael’s mind will be a mess trying to figure out what to do with secret that has fallen in his hands. Meanwhile, Lois will catch up on lost time with her daughter. Also watch out for Valentin to open up to Laura about his ongoing struggles with Charlotte. Will Laura be able to help? Keep reading to find out!

General Hospital Spoilers (October 16-20, 2023): Michael Struggles To Decide His Next Step, Ava and Mason Get In A Fight For Life

Sonny and Nina have finally tied the knot of holy matrimony on General Hospital. Strangely, without any last minute drama. However, that does not mean there won’t be any. The spoilers for the week of October 16-20, 2023, reveal that Michael’s contact will tell him that Martin informed the SEC and the intel came to him via someone else. Hence, when Michael returns to Port Charles, he will corner Martin and finally figure out that it was Nina who set the wheels in motions for Drew’s imprisonment and Carly’s hefty fine. But what will he do with the intel? Considering that Nina is now married to Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Mason will drive Ava to the cliff in the upcoming episodes. Although Cyrus will eventually command Mason to let Ava go, he will think the otherwise is necessary. This will ultimately lead to a tussle between him and Ava. The word is that Mason will end up being the one who rolls down the cliff. So Ava may have a good chance of escaping. Meanwhile, Joss, Dex and Spinelli will still be looking for her, so she might find some rescuers soon.

Back in Port Charles, Valentin will open up to Laura about whatever stunts Charlotte has been pulling with Anna. So Charlotte certainly will have some explanations to give to grandma. Speaking of grandmas, Tracy will have to face-off with her granddaughter’s mom! Lois will perhaps rip into Tracy for putting BLQ to spy for her at Deception. Later, Lois will meet Chase and give him her stamp of approval. But that’s not all. Ned has been having recurring dreams about Lois, so we sense a love triangle coming up between them and Olivia!


Spoilers For The Week October 23-27, 2023: Sonny Corners Selina, Cyrus Is Out In The Open

After a dreamy wedding in Puerto Rico, Sonny, Nina and the entire wedding party will return to Port Charles. Once home, Sonny will put romancing his new wife on the back seat for a bit on General Hospital. Stepping into the week of October 23-27, 2023, Sonny will put Selina on the hot seat and grill her for her involvement in the whole Gladys- Sasha matter. After all, if Selina hadn’t pulled Gladys into the poker games and run up a debt, Gladys may not have gone so wild on Sasha. But that of course does not validate the monster-in-law in any means.

Later in the week, residents of Port Charles will get a shocker when Cyrus Renault will secure his release from prison on General Hospital. Portia will be on her wits ends after getting a threatening call from him. Meanwhile, Carly too will have several reasons to panic now that Cyrus will become an even bigger danger. Meanwhile, danger will start circling Nina too. However a different kind that Cyrus. A

fter getting all the intel, Michael will feel torn about exposing Nina. Especially since even Willow is finally starting to get close to her mother again. Well, if Michael does decide to expose her, Nina will have one more happy moment before the big doom. Liesl will visit her and spend some sweet moments with the newly wed! So watch out for some emotional scenes there! Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.


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