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Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown The Most Passive-Aggressive Reality Star Ever?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown's the queen of passive-aggression. Her antics are part of the reason why the Brown family's a complete shambles.

  • Robyn Brown’s a master manipulator who uses passive-aggressive tactics to control those around her, including her husband, Kody Brown.
  •  While there are rumors that Robyn’s pregnant, that’s unlikely. She’s probably just being body-shamed by fans.
  •  Robyn’s interference and backstabbing behavior cause tension within the Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives diva Robyn Brown’s known for her sobbing, but that’s not the only passive-aggressive tactic she uses to control the people around her, including her husband. Kody Brown. Like a master magician, Robyn’s got a bunch of tricks that make it all too easy for her to get her way. Gifted with the power to manipulate, Robyn’s gotten so much hate over the years. Her husband adores her, but many other people think she’s fake, greedy and consumed with interfering and overstepping.

Offscreen, Sister Wives season 18 fans have been wondering if Robyn’s pregnant, as per The Sun. This chatter’s generating plenty of buzz, but its unlikely she’s actually expecting a baby with the famous patriarch, Kody. It seems like the rumor was generated by body-shaming Sister Wives fans who believe that Robyn’s a little curvier than she usually is. “Strictly my opinion. I heard the rumors they don’t let filming inside … maybe because the little babe is inside.” Another (perhaps unkindly) talked about her “baby bump.” Robyn’s no stranger to unkindness from fans (there’s really no proof she’s expecting), but sometimes, she’s the one who’s mean.

Robyn Brown’s Probably Not Pregnant, But She’s Definitely A Manipulator


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