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Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Caught In Major Lie About How He Met Christine

Kody Brown is known for molding the truth at his convenience. Sister Wives viewers are calling him out after seeing him lying yet again.

  • Sister Wives fans have caught Kody Brown lying about his first meeting with his third wife, Christine, as screenshots of his conflicting statements were shared on Reddit.
  •  Kody initially claimed that he had to chase Christine as she was interested in someone else but later said there was an “eternal spark” between them when they first met.
  •  This is not the first time fans have noticed Kody changing his stories, with previous screenshots showing inconsistencies in his COVID-19 rules.

Sister Wives viewers recently spotted Kody Brown lying about his first meeting with Christine Brown. The 54-year-old Wyoming native began courting his third wife, Christine, in 1994. At the time, he had a great connection with her, which continued for nearly 30 years. Kody and Christine achieved various milestones together and had six kids. They accepted each other wholeheartedly and embraced polygamy. Unfortunately, things changed after Kody began ignoring Christine for his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. The emotional pain and jealousy pushed the 51-year-old woman to get a divorce and settle with another man.

While Kody and Christine have split up, fans haven’t moved on from their relationship. Recently, Redditor Kodysgoingbald posted proof of how Kody lied about meeting Christine. The Reddit user shared screenshots of the Brown family patriarch’s two statements.

The first snap showed the Sister Wives season 18 star implying that he had to chase his third wife when they first met. He said that Christine was interested in “somebody else” then. The second screenshot showed Kody telling a different story. He claimed that there was an “eternal spark” between him and Christine when they first met.

Kody & Christine Brown’s Sister Wives Journey Explained

Kody and Christine started appearing on Sister Wives in 2010. At first, the series showed them welcoming Robyn into their family and looking forward to a bright future. While Kody was excited about the change, Christine wasn’t very thrilled. She had been Kody’s youngest wife for years and was losing her spot to a woman in her early 30’s. There was a clear jealousy between all the wives right from the first episode. The tension brewed for over 10 years before Christine eventually decided to leave Kody and move on to focus on herself.


The statement mentioned earlier isn’t the first time Kody has changed his stories in front of the cameras. He’s been caught in various lies, which have been captured on social media. A few months ago, someone shared more screenshots of Kody’s COVID-19 rules on Reddit, showing how he changed the backstory. One screenshot showed Kody claiming that he wrote down the pandemic rules he gave to the nanny. Another screenshot showed him stating that he got the rules from a doctor. Since both statements can’t be true, the Sister Wives star was evidently lying.

Still, there’s a small chance the full story hasn’t been talked about on Sister Wives, which could result in fans spotting supposed lies. Kody must have said the same things in front of the cameras countless times over the years. Sometimes, one part of his story may have made it into an episode, while another piece could have ended up in another episode. If so, Kody’s stories may be real but taken out of context, or else he really has been caught in a major lie.


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