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‘Sister Wives’: 3 Wild and Bold Predictions About the Brown Family Moving Forward

The Brown family's life continues even when TLC cameras are no longer filming 'Sister Wives.' We think life will get even more interesting now that season 18 of the series is over.


The season 18 tell-all episodes are upon us. While Sister Wives fans are gearing up for this season’s biggest bombshells, it’s hard not to think about what will become of the Brown family when TLC’s cameras aren’t rolling. While fans of the series are aware of some major changes, like Christine Brown’s marriage to David Woolley, other big changes could be in the works. We have three bold predictions about what could be brewing beneath the surface for the Sister Wives stars.

Bold Prediction #1: Meri Brown will pen a tell-all book

Meri Brown is the Brown family member left completely out. Robyn Brown and Kody Brown have each other, and Christine and Janelle Brown have paired up as best friends. Meri left her marriage and cut ties with almost the entire family, save for some of the kids. She has also been suspiciously quiet about the things that happened inside the Brown home over the years. There might be a calculated reason for that.

Over the last year, Meri has made a couple of cryptic social media posts that suggest she’s getting ready to tell her story. It might be a bold prediction, but it’s possible the Sister Wives star may be saving her bombshells and shade for a tell-all book. Other TLC stars have written books and cashed in big. There is no reason why Meri couldn’t do it, too. The Brown family scapegoat surely has a few interesting tales to tell.

Bold Prediction #2: Kody Brown and Robyn Brown will move out of Flagstaff

While Robyn Brown quipped about a potential breakup, we don’t think Kody and Robyn will go their separate ways soon. At the very least, they won’t split until they have at least one more move under their belt. Several Brown kids claim the entire family moved to Flagstaff to accommodate Robyn Brown and her children, but things aren’t panning out how she thought.


It seems possible that Kody Brown’s wanderlust will resurface and send him searching for a new home. Robyn will probably follow to keep their romance alive, at least for a while. Over the last couple of years, Kody and Robyn have been spotted hanging out in Sedona, Arizona. While they could make the picturesque tourist destination their home, it would be exceptionally ironic if they settled back in Utah.

Bold Prediction #3: Christine and Janelle Brown’s friendship will fizzle after ‘Sister Wives’ ends

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown appear to be the best of friends right now. The former sister wives have appeared in multiple interviews and seem to spend a fair bit of time together, but will that relationship survive when Sister Wives ends? It seems unlikely.

Christine and Janelle did not grow close until Christine decided to end her marriage to Kody Brown. She has supported Janelle through her own separation, but it seems likely that the friendship will fizzle the further the duo moves away from their shared experience. If you think about it, the friends don’t have much in common besides their plural marriage, kids, and reality TV careers. Is that enough to sustain a lifelong friendship? Possibly, but maybe not. It’s a bold Sister Wives prediction, but we don’t think the friends will remain as close as they currently are.


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