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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Cryptic Message Should Strike Fear in Kody Brown’s Heart

The Brown family patriarch should be very worried about what his first wife may reveal as the TLC tell-all episodes continue to roll out.


With three episodes of the Sister Wives tell-all still yet to air, Kody Brown should be very worried Meri Brown is going to spill family secrets. Episode one focused primarily on the breakdown of his marriage to Janelle Brown. Both parties aired their grievances during the hour where Kody backpedaled on many of his core beliefs, Robyn Brown defended him, and Janelle, Christine, and Meri Brown cleared the air. However, the tell-all will surely get spicy when Meri Brown has her say in upcoming episodes.

Meri Brown shared a cryptic teaser in the ‘Sister Wives’ tell-all trailer

Kody Brown wed Meri Brown in 1990. They were wed for 24 years before they divorced so he could marry Robyn Brown in 2014.

The marriage was reportedly so Kody could legally adopt her children Dayton, Breanna, and Aurora from her previous marriage to David Jessop. However, as more has been revealed about the couple’s relationship, it appears other reasons were at play for legalizing their union.

Kody has said he and Meri Brown were not in a functional marriage for the past decade. He cites an incident where Meri was catfished as the reason behind their relationship breakdown.

However, it appears that Meri was unhappy long before that period, and she and Kody struggled in their marriage. As the years rolled on, Kody strung Meri along with promises of reconciliation. But after a decade of waiting, Meri left Kody in January 2023.

In a teaser trailer for the four-part tell-all, Meri looked seriously at host Sukanya Krishnan, saying, “My voice will be heard; I will no longer be silent.” These words should strike fear in Kody Brown’s heart. Here’s why.

What secrets does ‘Sister Wives’ star Meri Brown hold against Kody Brown?



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While Meri has not yet revealed the secrets she plans to announce regarding her life as Kody Brown’s legal wife, fans are already speculating what she might say. She teased big secrets in a trailer for the Sister Wives season 18 tell-all episodes featured on TLC’s Instagram account.

“OK, Meri! Take the mask off and let us know what’s going on. We are ready!” wrote one Instagram user.


A second viewer proclaimed, “Yesss, Meri! I’m so freakin proud of you for finally telling Kody to suck it. And ripping apart Robyn for what it truly is!”

“Meri, Thank God she is finally standing up for herself, and it sounds like she intends to go after Kody and Robyn’s jugular vein. God, I hope so, and they will get what they deserve, and hopefully, Meri and Janelle will get what’s theirs!!!” exclaimed a third Instagram user.

A final fan wrote, “I am here for Meri finally speaking her truth!”

Meri Brown has been open about Kody Brown’s mistreatment

For several seasons, Meri Brown has opened up about the problems in her marriage to Kody Brown. However, she revealed she was steadfastly loyal to him and their marriage.

Despite fans seeing the writing on the wall regarding their relationship, Meri retained hope that she and the man she had been married to since the age of 19 would reconcile. However, after watching season 17, Meri realized Kody no longer loved or wanted a relationship with her.

In 2022, Meri compared her and Kody’s issues to his relationship with his former third wife, Christine Brown. Subsequently, Meri said it was “interesting” that Kody was upset that Christine abandoned him while he, in turn, had done the same thing to Meri Brown.

“It’s interesting hearing him talking about this and the parallels that [are] happening with him and Christine and me and him [sic],” she said during a confessional. “It’s disturbing because, like, he did to me some of the things he’s frustrated about with Christine. He wants to work on it with Christine, but not me.”

She also admitted to feeling like an “outsider” in their family. “I don’t feel like I am part of the Brown family. It’s this weird thing,” she confessed. “Am I a sister wife when I don’t have a husband? And I have a husband, technically, but do I? … It’s weird.”


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