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NCIS: LA’s Eric Christian Olsen’s wife Sarah shares baby-bump photos ahead of emotional series finale

The CBS show and NCIS spin-off will wrap after 14 years


Eric Christian Olsen’s wife, Sarah Wright Olsen, has been keeping quite busy as well as her husband of 11 years prepares for the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale.

While in the midst of filming and releasing new episodes of her podcast, the “Mother Daze Podcast,” the 39-year-old took some time out to celebrate the birthday of her friend Nikki Reed earlier in the week.

She did so with a set of throwback photos of the duo with their baby bumps intact, back when Sarah was expecting one of her three kids with Eric.

Both women posed in their maxi dresses while at a horse ranch, looking quite radiant while at it, and Sarah penned a sweet message for Nikki.

“Happy birthday to this magical mama, horse whisperer, goat mother, cowboy boot-wearing, avocado farming, Cookie Monster, bread maker, home steader – We love our air stream trips, Idaho summers, and cozy snowy winters with you. We love you!” she wrote.

While many other followers shared birthday wishes as well, Nikki responded with: “Oh well aren’t you just the cutest! I love YOU!”

Eric, 45, and Sarah have been together for nearly twenty years, first meeting in 2006 on the set of the Fox sitcom, The LoopThey’re parents to Wyatt Oliver, nine, Esme Olivia, six, and Winter, two.

The actor is preparing for the airing of the NCIS: LA series finale tonight, which wraps up the longest running of the NCIS spin-offs after a 14 season stint.

The show itself is a family affair for the star as well, as his co-star and on-screen love interest, Daniela Ruah, is his sister-in-law in real life, given she’s married to his brother David Paul Olsen.

Daniela recently spoke to HELLO! about how her off-screen brother-in-law has helped her get through the grief of the final stages of filming.

“One scene that I thought was quite lovely, and has a personal touch to it that happened while we were shooting the scene, was earlier in the season when Kensi is telling [husband Marty] Deeks how she wants to get back to giving attention to them as a couple and not always worry about parenting or their job,” she said.

“Deeks is fading; he doesn’t really get what she’s putting down! Then he surprises her at the end with flowers and tickets to a concert, and when we were shooting that scene, Eric improvised something that broke me down into tears.

“We already knew that the show would be over at that point, and it felt like we were all a light switch in a room: as episodes are being wrapped, those writers are done and I imagined people metaphorically walking out of the room and switching off their light until the last person switches it off, and it’s dark, and the show is over,” she recalled.

“So Eric improvises the line, ‘This feels like ten years ago,’ and they left it in the cut because it worked really well but what they didn’t leave was my actual breaking down into tears when he said those words that I didn’t know he was going to say.

“It was the weight of the history of our friendship, the history of our partnership, the history of having met my husband and having my children on the show. Eric and those words brought all of those feelings of nostalgia to a tipping point for me at that moment.”

Check out more photos of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast ahead of the series finale below: 


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