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General Hospital Miracle: Will The Transplant For Willow Tait Work?

Will Michael Corinthos lose his GH wife?


About six months ago on General Hospital, Willow Tait learned that she only had two weeks to live if she didn’t get a bone marrow transplant. First, they couldn’t find a donor. Then the donor they did find was kidnapped in a plot to kill off most of the world’s population.

General Hospital Polling

Finally, Liesl (Kathleen Gati) came home and her bone marrow was harvested to save Willow (Katelyn MacMullen). But, after waiting so long, will the procedure still work? What over 2,000 voters told us:

Fighting Against Your Own Best Interests

Willow’s condition never needed to have gotten so dire. If she’d just told Michael (Chad Duell) about it as soon as she was diagnosed, if she’d just gotten treatment instead of lying and waiting and waiting and lying, she’d be healthy today, and Wiley and Amelia Grace wouldn’t be in danger of losing their mother. This is why 7% of the audience figures this transplant won’t work either. Willow will reject it just out of spite. Accepting the transplant might mean she accepts being related to Nina (Cynthia Watros)!


Willow Tait: General Hospital Back-Up Plan

We don’t expect it to work, 24% admit, but we’re not worried. Once Liesl fails, they’ll turn to Wiley, like they should have done in the first place. Wiley is the son of Willow’s twin, he is much more likely to be a match than Willow’s great-aunt.

Full Recovery For Willow Tait

Willow and Michael deserve a happy ending, and they’ll get it, too, 69% of you predict. She has been such a saint, putting her baby’s life ahead of her own and not getting treatment until it was almost too late. And Michael has been so supportive of all of her stupid decisions. What kind of world would it be if a loving couple like them ever had to face the consequences of their actions?

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