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Big Shakeup On General Hospital


General Hospital: On May 2, 2023, The WGA announced a writer’s strike, resulting from disagreements during the contract negotiations with the AMPTP. For the unversed, AMPTP is Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producer, while, WGA is The Writers Guild of America. Unfortunately, several months in, the two bodies have still not been able to find a common ground. Thus, the writer’s strike will go likely go on longer than anyone expected.

Considering the fact that soaps usually film episodes well in advance and also have pre-written scripts, it felt like the soaps will air unaffected. Hoping that the strike will be resolved before recorded episodes and scripts run out. However, it seems that is not the case with General Hospital anymore. As announced by the soap’s breakdown writer, Shannon Peace, the last episode written by her team aired on July 25, 2023. Going forward, all fresh episodes that air will be written by Fi-Core or scab writers.

Shannon Peace announced on Instagram that moving forward the writing team of General Hospital will be watching alongside fans. She hoped that the soap will be in good hands with the temporary writing team. However, she added that it pains to watch someone else handling the characters her team developed. Furthermore, she urged the General Hospital fans to continue watching the soap. “You can morally support the writers AND keep the show the air,” Shannon wrote.


Additionally, the General Hospital breakdown writer also shed some light on the conflict Daytime writers face during the strikes. “We hate to see our characters and storylines handed over to ‘writers’ who cross the picket line,” Shannon admitted. However, she also acknowledged that the makers may have no other choice. Since stopping production may put an end to the soap opera. In the end, Shannon, as well as many others, hope that WSB and AMPTP find a common ground. For the benefit of all!

These are really tough times for your favorite soaps. So try and tune in to them as a show of support. Meanwhile, Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.


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