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10 Times The Sister Wives Proved They Are Better Off Without Ex Kody (Including Janelle’s Gala Night)

While it was shocking when Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown all left Kody Brown on Sister Wives, the women seem to be thriving without him.


While their split from Kody Brown on Sister Wives has been tumultuous, Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown have proven they’re better off without him in the past few months. In a shocking move, all three women quickly divorced the patriarch of the Brown family. This break with their highly unusual polygamous lifestyle was as surprising as it was intriguing.

The aftermath of Kody’s divorces from Janelle, Meri, and Christine is still happening in real time. While some may have believed the dissolution of their family unit would be the show’s end, Sister Wives season 18 is set to premiere soon, perhaps by the end of 2023. Robyn Brown is the only sister wife left standing, and she still allegedly sees polygamy as the lifestyle she wants, opening up the door for future wives. However, Meri, Janelle, and Christine are all better off without Kody, and they’ve proved it.

10, Janelle Brown Recently Enjoyed A Special Gala Night



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Janelle Brown showed off a photo from a gala with former sister wife Christine and daughter Maddie on her Instagram in June 2023, where she smiled in a plum-colored gown, happier than ever. Janelle captioned the photo, “Black tie gala last night at Plexus convention,” followed by a smiling emoji, “It’s fun to dress up!” Fans were supportive in the comments, saying, “Look at Christine!!! And she got a tattoo!! Kody must be dying!!” and, “My goodness you all look fabulous!

9, Meri Brown’s “Fridays With Friends” Segments Make Her Smile

Meri Brown has been keeping up with her Fridays with Friends segment on her Instagram and looks happier than ever. Most recently, she appeared with her best friend, Jenn Sullivan, and couldn’t stop smiling, even in the intro. Fans were supportive and excited in the comments, saying, “You look amazing I’m glad you’re happy with your life and living large now,” and “Can I be on Friday friends?” She looks fabulous without Kody.

8, Christine Brown Enjoyed Father’s Day With Her New Man David



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Christine recently celebrated Father’s Day with her new beau, David Woolley, as documented on her Instagram. She touchingly captioned the post, “Happy Father’s Day @david__woolley I’ve watched how loving, compassionate and present you are with your children and I love how you’ve shown that to my children as well. You’re truly showing up, which is what is most important. Thanks @david__woolley, my love.” Christine’s relationship with David seems to be healing her and helping her live her best life. She deserves happiness after enduring a tumultuous relationship with Kody.

7, Janelle Celebrated Her Daughter Savanah’s Graduation

Despite shifts in the family dynamic, Janelle was proud to honor her daughter Savanah Brown on her high school graduation day in late May. She acknowledged the awkwardness of the family situation in her caption, saying, “Savanah has graduated! My children are all grown up,” followed by a heart emoji. She continued, “Such a beautiful day. T here was definitely a difference with this graduation versus others in the past – but all is well. Headed to UT this weekend to throw a big party for her with most of her siblings.

” Janelle’s openness to acknowledging the difficulty of divorce is a good sign she’s moving on.

6, Meri Spent Time In London, England

Meri recently went to London and revealed in an Instagram post how much she’s grown since leaving Kody. In her former community, female independence isn’t encouraged. However, after four days of traveling in a group, Meri explored London on her own. Although the line to see the crown jewels was too long, she explored the River Thames, The White Tower, and the city on foot. Meri regaining her independence is great to witness.

5, Christine Had A Mystery Mansion Adventure

Christine, who has already moved on from Kody, recently toured the Winchester Mystery Mansion with her youngest daughter, Truely, and had a blast. The Sister Wives star shares six children with ex-husband Kody, and it’s clear that she and her youngest thoroughly enjoyed their time at the mansion. Smiling with her daughter, she captioned the photo, “Crossed an item off my bucket list today! Visited the Winchester Mystery Mansion @winchestermysteryhouse and it was incredible. I highly recommend both tours!” Christine is clearly doing what she wants after her split.

4, Janelle Had A Great Time At Robert’s Birthday Party

In a touching and fun Instagram post, Janelle shared how she and her daughter, Savanah, recently “crashed” Robert’s twenty-fifth birthday party. While there was no Kody in sight, it’s clear the former sister wives are banding together post-divorce to keep their families together. The less-than-traditional family’s bonds stay tight even with Kody out of the picture with their mothers.

3, Christine Joined Janelle For An ATV Outing

In May, Christine posted a hilarious video of Christine and Janelle on an ATV ride together, and the post was well-received by fans who want the best for these women post-divorce from Kody. One Instagram user commented, “I actually got emotional watching this because you guys deserve to be having this much fun and enjoying life,” while another mentioned, “I jus love this! Livin life and having fun with amazing family! This is what it’s all about. Just even listening to the laughter is refreshing!

2, Meri Danced The Night Away At A Prom

In a fun video from early April, Meri posted a video of herself dancing the night away at prom, simply captioned, “Prom!” While it’s unclear whether Meri was chaperoning a high school prom or dancing at an adult prom night or fundraiser, she was having a great time. Fans were supportive in the comments, saying, “Yes! Meri out there living,” and, “So happy to see you happy, enjoy your single life and don’t rush in finding a man or fall for the first man you meet, xoxo.” Meri is consistently proving she’s better off without Kody.

1, Meri Had A Fantastic Birthday With Pals

While Meri turned 52 in January, her Instagram post commemorating the event makes it evident that Meri has moved on from her marriage with Kody. She openly acknowledged hardship and seemed open to new beginnings. Part of her caption read, “I have so many things to be grateful for. So many good things in the works for the coming year. So much promise, hope, and light. And today. I’m so grateful for today.” This sentiment also seems in line with Janelle and Christine, and hopefully, the Sister Wives will continue to thrive.


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