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General Hospital: Is It Time For Finn To GO?


Recently, on General Hospital, Elizabeth found herself getting drawn back into Dr. Hamilton Finn’s orbit. The two exchanged sweet conversations at the hospital and even spent time together fawning over Finn’s daughter, Violet. We could tell that the storyline is building towards a romantic reunion between the former lovers. However, there were many reasons the two didn’t work out the first time. And while Finn seems to have moved past whatever Liz’s connection with Reiko was. Do you think it will be enough for them to have a successful relationship this time? If not, what would it mean for Liz and Finn’s future on General Hospital?

Liz And Finn: To Be Or Not To Be?

This reconnection between the former lovers, Liz and Finn, came up literally out of nowhere on General Hospital. It wasn’t like either of them ever expressed any interest or intentions of trying to patch things up after they fell apart early in 2023. If anything, it had started to look like Liz and Nikolas were coming back closer all over again. Liz even lied about being pregnant just to cover up Nik’s mess. So this sudden Elizabeth and Finn reunion really makes lesser and lesser sense every day.

Recently, on General Hospital, Liz and Finn witnessed the Metro Court shooting, and then they had a poignant heart-to-heart conversation, post which the ex-couple finally kissed. Finn then asked Liz if she was ready to give their relationship another chance. And, of course, she agreed. But are we ready to see them dive into them again? Especially since there seems to be absolutely no chemistry between the two! The sparks supposedly flying between them seem so inconsequential that neither can we see them nor feel them. It feels like the makers just put them together to keep the two characters on the screen and relevant to the current storyline. But is that enough?


If This Romance Tanks, Will It Mark The End Of Finn On General Hospital?

Keeping the sentiment in mind that makers could just be doing this to keep Liz and Finn on the screen, it makes us wonder if this is a prelude to a bigger storyline in the future on General Hospital. What if the makers are building Liz and Finn just to make them collapse, so someone else could pick up the pieces? Let us explain! The nonexistent chemistry between them is enough to suggest that they may not be a long-term couple. Moreover, imagine what happens when Nik returns. GH is not keeping him on ice for anything! He will come back at some point! Too many loose ends there, and one of them is Liz!

Nik and Liz have always been sort of star-crossed or like two ships passing in the night on General Hospital. They keep coming closer, only for some storm to pull them apart! But what if, this time, Nik is the storm that steals Liz from Finn? There is too much-unfinished business between the two of them, and they have a romance that needs to see the light of day! So much chemistry, so much spice! Moreover, Nik and Liz seem to get two thumbs up from GH fans every time they share the screen!

Hence, if Liz and Finn fall apart, Liz will get a bigger, better, and fan-approved storyline with Nik. But can we say the same for Finn? Sadly, no. The good doctor has absolutely nothing going for him other than Liz. So his character could come dangerously close to getting axed if he loses Liz! What do you say? Are you enjoying the Liz-Finn romance, or do you want it over already? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital spoilers. We will keep updating you on what happens next!


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