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General Hospital: Kristina Carries Baby For Molly, Strikes A Romance With TJ In The Process


The sky came crashing down on Molly, when she got diagnosed with endometriosis on General Hospital. This development happened on the soap soon after she and TJ decided that they would indeed love to start a family together. Unfortunately, Molly’s medical condition has now drastically limited their options for it. However, recently, Molly’s sister, Kristina, made Molly an offer that would give her the chance at motherhood. But there is a popular saying that states, “there are no free lunches in this world.” What if taking up Kristina’s offer would eventually cost her something that she may not want to lose?

Kristina Offers To Be Molly’s Surrogate

Recently, on General Hospital, Molly opened up to her sister, Kristina, about how much she is struggling. Although she told TJ that she wants to put the baby idea on the back-burner for sometime, it became quite clear that it very much persisted on her mind. Kristina felt really moved by Molly’s admission of truth and decided that she wanted to help her sister in her tie of need. Thus, she announced at family dinner that she has decided to be Molly’s surrogate, if Molly accepts the offer.

This sudden announcement took the entire family off-guard on General Hospital. As shook as Molly was over the offer, Sam and Alexis too, felt the color leave their face. They tried to discourage Kristina, fearing that she was just having one of “moments”, trying to find “purpose”, but eventually would back-off or start massively regretting her decision. However, Kristina’s mind seems really made up at this point. And it looks like Molly is warming up to the idea as well. As of now, she can see no down-side to it! But is Molly wrong about that? Could there be something that might go royally wrong? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out.

Sparks Fly Between Kristina and TJ on General Hospital

The way things are moving on General Hospital, it is rather likely that Molly will accept Kristina’s offer. She does not have many options as is, and she really does want to have a baby with TJ. Now, considering that she recently found out that she lacks viable eggs for having a baby, it rules out the possibility of using her eggs and TJ’s sperm for the baby. Thus, the route that they will have to take is using Kristina’s eggs with TJ’s sperm for the surrogacy. And there you have it! The first layer of trouble! In essence, the baby will actually be Kristina and TJ’s, and not Molly and TJ’s.


What if a few months down the line, Kristina starts getting attached to the baby and decides that she wants to be a mom? Alexis and Sam’s apprehensions about Kristina being Molly’s surrogate has to make some sense eventually on General Hospital! Thus, Kristina might suddenly start to backtrack on her decision and may not be so eager to give the baby to Molly. This might turn into a massive legal and family tussle! Moreover, this would completely devastate Molly. And going by how withdrawn she gets when she is upset, there is a chance that she may start pushing TJ away.

And where would that leave TJ on General Hospital? Why, spending more time with that baby and the baby mama, of course! Certainly, TJ will always be present to shoulder all the baby responsibilities that Kristina would need help with. And will this soap be a soap if sparks didn’t start flying between them? So, if Molly accepts Kristina’s offer, we can already see this whole thing and her relationship with TJ going sideways! However, we can’t help but wonder what kind of a couple would Kristina and TJ make. Would you enjoy watching them together? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to see what Molly decides! In the meantime, TV Season & Spoilers will keep updating this space with all the GH information. Come back for more.


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