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People Are Split On Which Blue Bloods Character They’d Want To Kill Off


Popular police drama “Blue Bloods” has been on the air for just over 10 years now, and it’s featured a wide variety of memorable characters throughout that time. Created by Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, the CBS procedural drama follows the Reagans, a fictional, New York City-based Irish-American Catholic family with multiple ties to local law enforcement. It boasts an ensemble cast that includes Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Len Cariou, Will Estes, Andrew Terraciano, and Abigail Hawk, and it just recently wrapped up its 11th season earlier this year. To date, the series has produced over 230 episodes of television.

The continued success of “Blue Bloods” is a testament to the dedicated fanbase that the series has carved out for itself over the past 11 years. However, just because “Blue Bloods” fans continue to support the series doesn’t mean they don’t have some strong opinions about it, including what they believe to be its weakest elements. With that in mind, Looper recently conducted a survey of 536 people in the United States, asking which “Blue Bloods” character they’d most want to kill off. The results, while telling, may still come as a surprise to some fans of the series.

The two Blue Bloods characters that fans most want to kill off

“Blue Bloods” fans seem to have two characters in mind that they’d want to kill off, but they don’t seem to quite know which one they’d want to say goodbye to the most. Indeed, of the 536 U.S. residents polled by Looper, around 19.03% said they’d most want to kill off Len Cariou’s Henry Reagan, while the same number of fans said they’d want to get rid of Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan. Elsewhere, 18.66% of the poll’s respondents voted that they’d most want to kill off Will Estes’ Jamie Reagan. Meanwhile, only a little over 10% of respondents said they’d most want to kill off Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan.


The poll’s results may be surprising to some “Blue Bloods” fans, but not to others, depending on who their favorite and least favorite characters are. With that being said, Danny Reagan has always been one of the more controversial characters in “Blue Bloods,” and there have been conversations over the years amongst fans of the show about his personality and likability. Conversely, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Selleck’s Frank is the character that the least amount of “Blue Bloods” fans would want to say goodbye to, considering that Selleck is ostensibly the face of the entire series and brings a level of gravitas to it that none of his fellow cast members can quite match.

In fact, while “Blue Bloods” fans may argue about which of the show’s characters are the least and most expendable, a majority of them seem to be in agreement that losing Selleck’s Frank would be too big of a loss for the series to bear. When it comes to Danny and Henry, though, the consensus seems to be quite a bit different.


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