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Why Kody Brown Wanted No Contact With Christine After She Left The Sister Wives Family


Though “Sister Wives” star Kody Brown eventually wanted no intimate marriage with his wife Christine Brown, he acted surprised when he found his belongings in the garage and realized she was leaving him. Even afterward, when Christine sat down with him and informed him of her plans to move away, he still seemed a bit shocked. Yet when it started to sink in, he quickly changed his tune and wanted to avoid her as much as he possibly could before she left.

According to Christine, Kody explained that he was no longer going to have a sexual relationship with her. “He wasn’t attracted to me anymore and we were not going to have an intimate marriage anymore,” (via ET). She maintains Kody’s refusal to be intimate with her was a punishment for her acting badly, which in his eyes, meant not being as welcoming to his fourth wife, Robyn, who many deemed his favorite wife.

Though Kody initially objected to Christine leaving, he finally agreed to it and that’s when he wanted to sever contact.

Kody came to the brief farewell for Christine

After Christine Brown announced to the family that she was leaving Kody Brown and moving back to Utah, her daughter Mykelti Padron arranged a last goodbye for the family (via TLC). Kody has strong feelings about it, which continued when he slammed Christine in the season-ending tell-all. “I’m in sort of this weird place where I’m like thinking I don’t want to see Christine ever again,” said Kody. “I don’t want to think about her. I don’t want to drive past this house ever again and mourn this.”

Kody, Robyn Brown, and their kids showed up to the gathering outside of Christine’s house along with Christine’s kids and Janelle and her kids.


While Janelle Brown and her family were supportive and emotionally in tune, there was a lot of tension and Padron said it was very uncomfortable. “It’s awkward outside. It’s weird. It’s intense. Nobody really wants to be here,” said Padron. “Dad doesn’t want to be here, Robyn doesn’t want to be here, Mom doesn’t want to be here.”

Janelle’s son Gabe supported Christine

It was bittersweet for much of the family who felt happy that Christine Brown would be getting out of a miserable situation but also leaving Flagstaff at the same time. Janelle Brown’s son Gabe Brown supported Christine. “I’m not really sad about Dad and Christine breaking up,” said Gabe. “I’m really sad that Christine is moving.”

Yet Gabe, who has had his own problems with Kody, says he fully understands why she has to leave. “I’m not gonna, like, sit here and blame her for doing it, if I was in her shoes, I would do the same.” Gabe and his brother Garrison have a strained relationship with Kody and very little to no contact since Kody demanded Janelle throw them out of her house during the covid endemic so he could go visit her and stay safe. Kody remains with just one wife, Robyn as the other three have divorced or separated from him.

In early 2023, Christine announced on Instagram that she began dating and found her true love in David Woolley. The couple became engaged in April 2023. Both Janelle and Meri Brown have moved on and are working at starting over as single women.


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