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3 Truly Drama-Filled ‘Sister Wives’ Seasons You Should Watch Ahead of the Season 18 Premiere


‘Sister Wives’ is a reality series that fans love to hate. Some seasons are more dramatic than others, though. We’ve collected three of the show’s most dramatic seasons for fans to hate-watch before season 18 drops.

Season 18 of Sister Wives is sure to bring plenty of family strife and drama when it premieres on Aug. 20. While fans of the controversial series are excited to see Kody Brown’s marriages to Janelle Brown and Meri Brown completely unfurl, it isn’t the only season that will bring drama. The Brown family is no stranger to trouble, and several other seasons had juicy drama for viewers to sink their teeth into. We’ve collected three of the most dramatic Sister Wives seasons to date if you want to get a little rewatching in before the season 18 premiere date.

Season 9 brought a lot of change and plenty of drama

Season 9 of Sister Wives aired in 2015 and followed the Brown family as they navigated yet another shift in their polygamist dynamic. Meri agreed to divorce Kody Brown so he could legally marry Robyn Brown, his fourth wife. While the family insisted it was a legal shift to allow Kody to adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage, viewers always suspected the decision involved more emotion.

During the season, Robyn announced a pregnancy, and Meri struggled with the emotional upheaval of all the change. To cope, she took comfort in the virtual arms of another man, or so she thought. Things fell apart when Meri learned that her affair partner was not a wealthy man named Sam but an online scammer named Jackie Overton. While the catfishing scandal has been discussed over several seasons, season 9 of Sister Wives

 is where the drama all began.

Season 13 of ‘Sister Wives’ follows the Browns while they move yet again

The Brown family is no stranger to moving. According to the family’s memoir, Becoming Sister Wives, the polygamist family moved dozens of times before the series began. Viewers even watched a move from Lehi, Utah, to Las Vegas, Nevada, early in the show’s run. Still, their season 13 decision to leave Las Vegas and settle in Flagstaff remains one of the most inexplicable decisions that the often-illogical Kody has ever made.

Season 13 follows the family as they discuss possibly leaving Las Vegas. Kody, initially interested in returning to Utah, floats the idea of Flagstaff and attempts to get all of his wives and children on board. Some were more invested in the move than others.

Recent installments of ‘Sister Wives’ was all about Christine Brown

Christine Brown emerged as the true star of Sister Wives during season 16 of the series. Season 17, which covered her decision to divorce Kody and move to Salt Lake City, cemented her position as the fan favorite, but to understand where the drama began, you have to go back to season 16 of Sister Wives.

The season first focuses on the Brown family refusing to return to Utah, per Christine’s request. As the season progressed, fans learned more about Christine’s unhappiness and the lack of intimacy in her marriage. In a bombshell moment, the mother of six decides to kick Kody to the curb. If that wasn’t enough Sister Wives drama for fans, season 16 also covered the family’s differing opinions of coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol.


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