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Sister Wives: Robyn & Kody Slammed For Poor Parenting Of Daughter Ariella! [SHOCKING Details]


Robyn and Kody are the only people together from the Sister Wives family. Long-time viewers must know how it was Christine who first walked away, followed by Janelle and Meri. The reason was quite obvious. The polygamist always favored the fourth wife, neglecting all others, and they had had enough. Surprisingly, even after giving most of his time to Robyn and the Kids. Kody had to face backlash for not taking care of his kids the right way, especially Ariella. His only wife had to face the heat, too. So, what did they do?

Sister Wives: Ariella Still Uses A Pacifier As A 7-Year Old! Fans Angry At Kody & Robyn

Popular Sister Wives stars Robyn and Kody are back with the new season of Sister Wives. While Christine, Meri, and Janelle are also a part of it, there are clearly issues between them and distancing, too. However, when fans saw the new episodes, they couldn’t help but slam Kody and Robyn all over again. The network included some clips of their youngest kid, Ariella, spending time with Meri. In the clip, she had a pacifier in her mouth. Fans were shocked at this.

Many Sister Wives fans found it ironic that Robyn and Kody spend the most time together with their kids. Hence, they didn’t parent them the right way. It was absurd for many of them that a child that old was still dependent on using a pacifier. So, they began slamming the parents for not being conscious and careful enough with their kids. Many also called them lazy for lacking attentiveness and spoiling their kids. However, neither Robyn nor Kody has chosen to respond to the backlash.


Sister Wives: Kody Publically Hit Ariella? What Did She Do?

Kody and Robyn Brown have come a long way since the Sister Wives premiered on TLC more than a decade ago. Alas, they continue to remain the least-liked castmates. In June, some rumors surrounded the couple again about their parenting. Apparently, an incident in Wyoming led to the patriarch hitting his youngest daughter publically. It happened when Kody, Robyn, and their kids were at a museum in the new state. They had ordered Dayton to look after the youngest kids, but he got carried away, talking to a fan of the show who recognized him there.


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As per a blogger, Katie Joy or Without A Crystak Ball Ariella spotted a baby with a family and began waving at them. This upset Kody, and he scolded her to get away from the little one’s face. While the other family tried to assure him that it was okay and they weren’t irritated, the star didn’t belive them. So he took Ariella aside and allegedly spanked her for not being on her best behavior. While there is no confirmation about this incident, fans mostly believed it. How do you feel about Kody and Robyn’s parenting skills? Tell us in the comments. Keep track of all the latest Sister Wives updates by checking TV Season & Spoilers.


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