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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown shocks fans by slamming ex Kody’s wife Robyn and admitting she can’t ‘trust’ her


SISTER Wives fans have been left shocked after Christine Brown slammed her ex Kody’s wife Robyn.

In a sneak preview from Sunday’s episode, Christine, 51, admitted she cannot trust Robyn, 44.

The TLC network shared a heartbreaking clip from their Instagram account.

During her confessional, the Sister Wives star admitted: “I want you to know, I would have rejected [Robyn’s] friendship anyway.

“If Robyn approached me, and wanted to be friends, I would have not wanted to be friends still.

“Because I couldn’t trust her.”

In the comments section, viewers were left with plenty of opinions on Christine’s “upfront and brutally honest” statements.

One viewer debated: “OK, but rejecting the friendship is still petty and on the same level as Robin?” one person said.

A supporter added: “I’m kinda with Christine on the not trusting Robyn. A lot of things she has said just don’t make sense, and sometimes you just don’t get on with people you don’t click.”

A second argued: “You do know that you do not have to be friends with anyone, right? This isn’t kindergarten.”

Another supporter mentioned: “Christine is no longer in the marriage. She doesn’t really have to be friends with Robyn. Christine’s being honest.”

“That’s being upfront and brutally honest Robin is playing the victim,” a commentator chimed.


In the most recent installment of the TLC show, Christine confessed there is tension between her ex-husband and the children.


The commotion started when Kody’s ex-wife, Janelle, 54, shared: “Kody did not see the boys or Savannah over Christmas.”

Savannah, 18, confirmed: “No, he hasn’t spoken to me since my birthday.”

In a confessional, Christine started to cry as she said: “Savannah’s birthday is in the beginning of December – and it’s the middle of January.

“He lives a half hour away. He comes into town. It’s just this pattern that he has.”

In November 2021, Christine became the first of four wives to publicly announce her separation from Kody, 54.

Kody and Christine called it quits after 25 years of marriage.

Meri, 52, followed in Christine and Janelle’s footsteps and announced her split in a Sister Wives special that aired in December 2022.

Kody is now down to one wife: Robyn.


After her split from her former partner, Christine and her new partner, David Woolley, started dating in the fall of 2022.

In April, the couple revealed that they are engaged.

On September 7, the TV star spilled a few details about her upcoming wedding.

During her live Instagram session, Christine mentioned she is about six weeks away from the wedding.

She meant that wedding bells might take place in mid-October.


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