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Sister Wives To END If Kody Fails To Find A NEW WIFE? [Sad News]


Kody Brown entered the Sister Wives franchise to showcase the pros of polygamous marriage. However, things went south, and he ended up showing the opposite. The reality TV star is now in a monogamous marriage with Robyn Brown after Christine, Janelle, and Meri left. Viewers have been questioning the future of the franchise for a long time. Previously, Kody Brown went for a wife hunt as well but failed. Now, the TLC fans want to know how if the network will keep the franchise going. Recently, sources revealed that Season 18 might mark the end of the show if the ex-polygamist doesn’t find a new wife soon.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Needs To Marry Again To Keep The Show Running!

The new dynamics of the Brown family have put the future of the show in danger. Sister Wives chronicles the polygamous family of Kody Brown. He was born and brought up in a plural family and dreamed of building one for himself. The reality TV celeb was living a happy life with his four wives and 18 kids. But Kody hit rock bottom when the entire family started to crumble down. Soon, Meri, Janelle, and Christine left, and he was left with Robyn alone. The former wives have now embarked on their new journey of life. Also, fans have been requesting TLC to bring a separate spin-off for the ladies.

Further, the network gave Christine a cooking show to see if viewers really wanted to see her on screen separately. Now, some sources reveal that the patriarch must find a new wife if he wants to continue his journey. According to monstersandcritics

, Sister Wives will continue if a new wife enters the show. Moreover, sources revealed that the show will get renewed further if Kody manages to bring in a new wife. Otherwise, they claimed that “there will be a spinoff – and the family will move to their next adventure.”

Sister Wives: Kody Has No Interest Left In Plural Marriages After Three Breakups!

Kody Brown’s life has changed completely since the last season. Previously, Christine made the first step to move out of the polygamous arrangement. Later, Janelle and Meri moved away, too, to lead their own life. Now, it appears that the patriarch has realized a lot of his mistakes from the past few years. He seems to be more thoughtful and a changed person in Sister Wives Season 18. Recently, Kody admitted that he had no reason left to marry again. Brown felt that he had hit rock bottom of a swimming pool. But now he has been heading towards the surface, trying to heal.

Further, the Sister Wives star claimed that he has no interest in plural marriages anymore. Also, he doesn’t want to be an advocate of such a lifestyle after struggling so much. The patriarch has lost his confidence and has learned from his previous mistakes. Well, we have to see if Kody will want to be in a plural marriage again to keep the show going. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for more tea about Kody Brown and his efforts to continue to be on Sister Wives.


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