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Sister Wives- Meri’s Talking About Jealousy (Kody’s Other Exes Got Jealous Too)

While Kody Brown from Sister Wives is now practicing monogamy, his exes open up about how they felt jealous in their plural marriage with him.

  • Kody Brown’s wives experienced jealousy and struggled with sharing him in their polygamous relationship. The wives’ feelings of jealousy worsened when Kody began spending more time with Robyn.
  •  Meri and Janelle admitted to feeling jealous and had to find ways to cope with their emotions. Meri repressed her feelings, while Janelle learned to be okay with herself and avoid comparison.
  •  Christine was the most jealous of all the wives and had issues with Robyn from the beginning. Kody noticed Christine’s behavior and called her out for not trying to have good relationships with the other wives.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives used to have four wives, all of whom were jealous at one point in their relationship with him. The 54-year-old was in an exclusive relationship with Meri Brown in 1990. However, he wanted to expand his family per his religion and courted more wives. Kody married Janelle Brown in 1993 and Christine Brown in 1994. Initially, his multiple relationships started well, and he successfully led a plural marriage. However, things changed when Kody brought in Robyn Brown. Jealousy began to brew among his family members, leading to multiple divorces.

Kody’s wives were okay with the polygamous setup for years. They welcomed Robyn and made her a part of their family without hesitation. Unfortunately, this feeling of staying together didn’t last long. When Kody began spending more time with Robyn, his other wives became impatient and angry. As a result, they changed their view on plural marriage and began seeking independence. From 2021 to 2023, Christine, Janelle, and Meri said goodbye to Kody and moved on with their lives. Robyn also realized she enjoyed monogamy with Kody and publicly told him not to court another wife.

Meri Had To Try And Repress Her Emotions

Each one of Kody’s partners has been jealous of sharing their husband over the years. Recently, Meri admitted that she repressed her feelings during her polygamous relationship. She said (via People), “I’m human. I’m going to get jealous. He’s human. He is going to not know how to deal with a woman’s jealousy.” According to the 52-year-old, her church taught her to hide her feelings and deal with them independently. Meri added that she felt like “a bad person” for feeling jealous of other Sister Wives, but has since grown.

Janelle Owned Up To Feeling Jealous In The Plural Marriage

In 2021, Janelle also admitted to feeling jealous. She opened up in an interview and stated that she had felt envious of Kody’s other wives for a long time. Janelle revealed (via CheatSheet

), “Of course I still get jealous, but I learned a long time ago, you really just have to figure out how to be OK with yourself.” Janelle claimed that jealousy becomes an issue in polygamy when people start to compare. She said that comparison usually becomes the death of a plural marriage, which could’ve happened between her and Kody.

Christine Was The Most Jealous Of The Bunch



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Kody’s third wife, Christine, was also incredibly jealous of other Sister Wives. In 2010, Kody had kissed Robyn before their marriage. While Meri and Janelle were fine about it, Christine was baffled and jealous. She was also unhappy to learn that her husband cared about her fourth bride’s wedding dress but not hers. Kody had also noticed Christine’s behavior toward Robyn and his other wives before. During one of their family gatherings, he called her out and said (via TV Shows Ace), “You never tried to have really good relationships with these other people.” Kody also said Christine treated Robyn “like dirt from the beginning.”

Sister Wives started as a show about family. However, it soon became evident that polygamy isn’t as easy as it looks. Kody wanted to expand his family and fulfill his role as a patriarch. However, he never realized how his partners must have felt about sharing him as a husband. Jealously is a common human emotion that will always exist if people love each other. Christine, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri wanted to spend their life with Kody. They loved him, and it bothered them to see him split his affection between the four of them.

In a way, Sister Wives‘ story is about how polygamy can affect women’s lives. While Kody had his ups and downs, his wives had to deal with emotions like jealousy and envy. Kody never had to share his partners with someone else. So he never felt what Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine have experienced. It’s good to see that the Sister Wives chose to quit the relationship in time. They are still young and can find a man who can give them a comfortable life where they can enjoy exclusivity. In the meantime, seeing Kody practice monogamy with Robyn will be interesting.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.


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