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Perkie’s Observations: Portia Goes OFF on Anna on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 8, 2023


On today’s General Hospital recap: Nina asks Anna if she has any information on Sonny’s case. Anna says it’s a criminal matter and she can’t do anything. Nina mentions a possible connection to the pool shooting as Ava overhears and reminds everyone Curtis is in a wheelchair. Anna gets upset and heads out.

Nina complains to Ava about Sonny’s arrest but Ava points out this is the life Sonny has chosen and something will always come up. Nina says she knows what she’s doing and she’ll marry Sonny. Ava tells Nina she’s selling Spoon Island and wonders if Sonny will want to buy it.

Ned has an appointment with a record producer Sonny set up for him. Leo is amazed at the music board and sits with the producers while Ned plays and sings.

Dex is upset Sonny could spend time in prison because of him. Josslyn says it’s Sonny’s fault, but Dex blames himself for throwing the flashdrive in the garbage. She tells him to stop beating himself up over something Sonny did. Dex says he’s gotten closer to Sonny. If he goes to prison, it will leave a hole in Dex’ life.

Marshall (who’s been wearing the same shirt for the past two weeks) has plans to go out until he realizes Portia isn’t home. Curtis says he knows they aren’t letting him be by himself and complains about it. He says he doesn’t want to be watched every minute, so Marshall leaves.


Anna stops by to see Curtis to apologize since the bullet wasn’t meant for him. Curtis admits he hated her and Sonny at first but he’s gotten over it. Portia gets home and, alone with Anna, chastises her for coming over. Portia blames Anna and Sonny for Curtis’ paralysis and refuses to accept Anna’s apology. Anna tearfully promises to find out who did it and Portia warns her not to come back.

Cody recognizes Dr Montague from Selina’s poker games and figures out the connection to Gladys. Monty says patients aren’t allowed in each others’ rooms and believes Cody will agitate Sasha. Cody accuses Monty of keeping Sasha drugged and demands to know how much Gladys is paying him.

Sasha wants to know if Cody is telling the truth about Monty and Gladys knowing each other. Monty says Cody is confusing her and the two get into a fist fight. Cody manages to tie up Monty and leave the building with Sasha, though Janice spots them and calls security.

Cody and Sasha drive away in a car that Sam left for him.


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