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Sister Wives – 8 Signs Robyn Can’t Stand Janelle, Christine & Meri (She Wants Kody All To Herself)

Sister Wives Robyn Brown may be looking for monogamy, and her true feelings about Kody Brown's ex-wives are coming out as his relationships crumble.

  •  Robyn Brown may not be as invested in plural marriage as she claims, as she seems happy to be rid of her fellow sister wives.
  •  Robyn has shown favoritism towards Kody and embarrassed Meri by pushing him to be kind to her.
  •  Robyn’s sense of ownership over Kody and her need to always be by his side has caused tension with the other sister wives.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown has been playing nice throughout the season about her fellow sister wives Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown, but it’s more likely she can’t stand her husband’s ex-wives. As Robyn was the last of Kody Brown’s wives to join the family, she had a pre-existing family to fit into. With Kody already married to Meri, Janelle, and Christine for about 20 years on average by the time he began courting Robyn, it was a shift for the family to realize that he was considering taking on another wife. While they were all invested in plural marriage, changing their situation was an adjustment.

Robyn, who wound up marrying Kody legally after he divorced Meri in 2014, was an outlier for Kody. He forged a genuine bond with her through their values and religious beliefs but wound up changing his family structure to fit her needs. Robyn has always preached her complete devotion to plural marriage, including on Sister Wives season 18, but it appears she may not be as invested in it as she’s claimed to be. Though she’s been saying publicly that Christine, Janelle, and Meri’s departure has been tough, Robyn is likely happy to be rid of her fellow sister wives.

Robyn Humiliated Meri By Asking Kody To Offer Her A S’More

Although Kody had his own relationships with all of his wives, he’s made it clear that he plays favorites when it comes to his marriages. Most Sister Wives viewers are aware that Kody favors Robyn, and his other wives were able to tell as well. Not only does Kody favor Robyn, it’s clear that Robyn takes the opportunity to show it off. In the past, she’s embarrassed Meri by over-stepping and pushing Kody to be kind toward his own wife by offering her a s’more. Instead of Kody doing so on his own volition, Robyn had to push him into being kind to Meri and made it clear it was her idea.

Robyn Didn’t Care About Christine’s Jealousy

Robyn joined the family in 2014, but had been with Kody since 2010. She was the last wife to join the Brown family, and Christine had been the most recent wife prior, marrying Kody in the early 1990s. As the most recent wife, Christine felt some specific jealousy about Robyn joining the family, especially because Kody had treated her differently from the beginning of their relationship. Robyn, who knew Christine was jealous, didn’t care about what her fellow sister wife was feeling in the slightest. She was merely excited that she was getting to infiltrate the Brown family.

Robyn Always Has To Sit Right Beside Kody

Although Robyn was only one of four wives, she still felt a sense of ownership over Kody that drove her fellow sister wives crazy. Whenever Kody and Robyn were at an event together, regardless of whether his other wives were around, Robyn felt the need to sit next to Kody and cuddle up to him. Even if he was trying to discuss something private or sensitive with his other wives, Robyn would wedge herself in whenever possible. Robyn feels like she has some sort of ownership when it comes to Kody’s time and attention, and always positions herself as though she’s the most important of his marriages.


She Was Never Really Close With Christine & Said Paedon Was Rude To Her Kids

Robyn pretended to try and get close to Christine in the early seasons of Sister Wives, as they were the two youngest and most recent wives in the family. Though Christine did her best with Robyn, she was still hurt by Kody deciding to take another wife and Robyn’s mistreatment of her. The pair were never truly close even though Robyn tried to pretend they were, and she even spoke poorly about Christine and Kody’s son Paedon Brown, saying he was rude to her children.

Robyn Sticking To Kody’s COVID Rules Pushed Janelle To The Edge

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Kody had incredibly specific rules about how his family could conduct themselves. He shared these rules with all of his children, explaining to those who didn’t live in his and Robyn’s house that if they wanted to see him in person, they’d have to abide by his strict rules. While Janelle’s sons didn’t adhere to the rules, overwhelmed by how stringent they were, Robyn enforced them with her own children and tried to push them to her fellow sister wives. Janelle, who was feeling like she had to choose between her marriage and her children, couldn’t handle the pressure.

As Kody’s first legal wife, Meri and Kody had a somewhat different relationship than he had with any of his other wives. When Robyn and Kody decided to get married, she asked Kody if he would divorce Meri so he could formally adopt her children, who came from a previous marriage. Meri eventually felt pushed into agreeing to the divorce and allowed it to happen, so Kody and Robyn were legally married. Robyn effectively took Meri’s status, not caring if it impacted her relationship with Kody.

Robyn Blames Christine For Meri Leaving

When Christine left the family in 2021, all the Sister Wives took things hard. Janelle found her own sense of independence and freedom while Meri clung to Robyn and Kody, creating another wedge in the family. Robyn, who was hopeful that she would be able to keep the rest of the family together, ultimately found herself as the only wife when Meri and Kody finally decided to separate after nearly 30 years of marriage. Though Meri had her own reasons for leaving, Robyn blames Christine for starting the trend and demolishing their plural family. She doesn’t typically put any of the blame on Kody, either.

Robyn Recently Said She Wants Monogamy

Although Robyn has always claimed to be a huge supporter of plural marriage, at one point saying it was the only type of marriage she was interested in, she has recently changed her tune. Robyn has shared that she’s interested in exploring monogamy with Kody after he spoke about potentially courting new wives. It appears that though Robyn has always claimed she was happy to have Sister Wives in her life, she’s made the decision to move forward without them, and seems like she’s hoping it’s for the better.


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