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General Hospital: Gladys Corbin OUT


We have to admit, as General Hospital viewers, we have unanimously come to despise Gladys Corbin to a different level all together. Her greedy and downright vile behavior towards Sasha has ensured that. But we must also acknowledge the fact that actress Bonnie Burroughs has done a spectacular job. She did total justice to her portrayal of a wretched monster-in-law. As a result, we all had been waiting with bated breath to see Gladys’ downfall.

And much to our consolidated relief, it has arrived! However, some are arguing that Sonny did not deal with her with an iron fist. Something he so often talks about on General Hospital. The mobster is famous for his love and protective nature towards his family. And Sasha is his family, thus, fans expected him to rip Gladys into pieces. Well, at least, figuratively if not physically. Instead, the dimpled don chose to stare her down with his ferocious gaze and then settled for shipping her out of Port Charles.

Not very mobster of you, Sonny! And painfully underwhelming. Although, this anticlimactic ending gave us a sense that perhaps it might not be the ending. Maybe Gladys would come back to pull a new stunt and that’s when Sonny will unleash real fury on her. Alas! that has just proven to be wishful thinking. So if you were holding your breath for a worse fate for Gladys, it’s not coming anytime soon. General Hospital star, Bonnie Burroughs, has confirmed to the media that Gladys has officially been written out. Moreover, she has already filmed her final scenes for the ABC soap.


Will Gladys Be Back In The Future On General Hospital?

“I’m glad I did get that heads-up,” Bonnie admitted to the media. She shared that General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini told her well in advance that the end was coming. Thus, when she received her final scene scripts she was prepared that they were her last. Furthermore, she added that had Frank not informed her in advance, receiving her final script would have hit a lot harder. Bonnie also added that she has had a splendid run with the soap, and is grateful for the opportunity.

As for Gladys, we have seen the last of her on General Hospital. Well, at least for now. We as for now because in the end of the day it is a soap! And characters do tend to return even from the dead. Gladys merely has been shipped to another town! Hence, if the makers want they can still always bring her back for some more family drama with Sasha and Sonny! What did you think of Gladys’ fate? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.


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