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Sister Wives: Fans Witness Kody & Robyn’s PDA Amid Marital Issue Rumors!


Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn are left alone after Christine, Janelle, and Meri have left the former. They initially used to all live together in a plural marriage. But now the patriarch’s fourth wife has him all to herself.

However, several reports have claimed that Kody and Robyn are now facing marital issues because of three consecutive divorces. But fans were in shock when they ended up watching Kody and Robyn’s PDA amid all these marital issue rumors! What are they up to now? Were they lying about their struggles?

Sister Wives: Viewers Shocked After Witnessing Kody & Robyn’s PDA!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently claimed that it was really “strange” for him to start a monogamous marriage after three divorces. He admitted that he was depressed because of the dynamics, and these splits have affected his marriage with Robyn as well.

The latter confessed that her life had been “hell” in the last few months! Kody’s fourth wife even stated that no one should ever stay married to a person who is undergoing a divorce!

These statements were the reason why viewers felt that perhaps Kody and Robyn were facing some severe marital issues these days. However, their recent PDA ended up clearing the air.

Recently, TheSun shared some pictures in which the Sister Wives couple seemed to be really happy together. The snaps were clicked on Monday, October 9, when Kody and Robyn were coming out of school.

Kody had his hand on Robyn’s waist while she was explaining something to him. The former was laughing out loud, and they seemed to be in a light mood. Their chemistry and love for each other was evident from their recent snaps.


Robyn wore a royal blue shirt and black jeans, while Kody sported dark denim jeans with a plum polo t-shirt. Their PDA was proof that their relationship was growing stronger, and perhaps they weren’t facing any marital issues these days.

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Are Going On Solo Dates These Days

It seems that now Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn have accepted their monogamous dynamics and are adjusting to it as well. Lately, there have been several instances when fans have witnessed them hanging out together and enjoying their life.

Recently, a Reddit thread started with a picture of the noted couple sitting in a restaurant. As per the OP, they were alone, and the kids weren’t there with them as well. Hence, it is evident that Robyn and Kody are now spending time with each other and are focusing on their bond.

In another instance, fans spotted Kody and Robyn at “Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.” They were seemingly traveling to Texas. The Reddit thread revealed that the picture was of the same day when Christine walked down the aisle with David Woolley.

Several viewers believed that perhaps the couple decided to take a short break from the ongoing dynamics. Moreover, there is a fair chance that they were traveling because of Kody’s gun business. However, whatever the reason was, it is evident that things are fine between this couple. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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