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Sister Wives: 8 Reasons Christine Brown’s Much More Popular Than Janelle, Meri & Robyn (Is It Her Independent Spirit?)

Christine Brown’s inspirational personality is one of the reasons she has more Instagram followers than Sister Wives, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn Brown.

  •  Christine Brown is the most popular Sister Wives cast member on social media, known for her relationship with Kody and her inspirational personality.
  •  Christine has become a successful social media influencer by promoting brands and helping her followers, unlike her fellow cast members.
  •  Christine’s lively and entertaining personality, showcased through her positive and vibrant Instagram posts, has helped her stand out and gain a large following.

Christine Brown is the most popular Sister Wives cast member on social media, and there are a few reasons for her success. She has been part of the popular reality TV series since 2010. The 51-year-old is known for her relationship with Kody Brown, and his other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown. Christine married Kody in the mid-90s, becoming his third partner. The pair had a decent relationship and welcomed six kids over the last three decades. In 2010, Kody married his fourth wife, Robyn, changing his relationship dynamic with Christine.

In the first five seasons of Sister Wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown were visibly jealous of Robyn. However, things worsened significantly after 2015 when Kody began spending most of his time with his youngest wife, leaving his other wives high and dry. In 2019, Christine got sick of her polygamous marriage and the lack of attention he gave her. She began falling out of love and focusing on herself. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christine realized she wanted to be happy, which wasn’t possible in polygamy. She divorced Kody in 2021 and now Christine is married to David Woolley in 2023.

Christine Is Inspirational & Motivated Other Sister Wives

Christine is the most successful Sister Wives star when it comes to social media popularity. She has 1.3 million followers, significantly more than Robyn, Janelle, Meri, and Kody. Her inspirational personality is one of the biggest reasons she is so well-known among Sister Wives viewers. People like Christine because she realized her worth and broke free from her toxic polygamous marriage. She also motivated Janelle and Meri to discover their self-worth, which encouraged them to find happiness. Christine is appreciated for her courage and admired for her on-screen actions.

7, Christine Is A Hard-working Social Media Influencer

Christine has over a million followers because she has worked hard as a social media influencer over the last few years. While Robyn only likes to post inspirational quotes, and Meri enjoys sharing her selfies casually, Christine focuses on promoting brands and helping her followers. She and Janelle are the two Sister Wives stars who have pulled the right moves to become popular. Janelle has 1.1 million followers, and Christine has a few hundred thousand more. The two ladies have used their reality TV frame correctly to grow their influencer careers.

6, Christine Has More Lively & Entertaining Personality

While all Sister Wives have positive social media personalities, Christine has managed to stand out because of her liveliness. A big reason for her positivity is that Christine ended her toxic relationship with Kody before Meri and Janelle. Christine has been happy and has posted on social media more frequently. She has showcased her entertaining side to her followers and earned thousands of followers because of her posts. From her outdoor adventures to her romantic posts with David, Christine’s Instagram has been positive and vibrant for a long time.

5, Christine Collaborates With Famous Reality TV Stars



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Most successful social media influencers collaborate with other influencers to give their fans the best of both worlds. Christine has done the same by hanging out with fellow reality TV stars in the last few months. Christine is a very good friend of Janelle, and the two ladies have been posting content together for some time. However, Janelle isn’t the only star Christine has hung out with recently. Molly Hopkins from 90 Day Fiancé posted a photo with Christine in August. She revealed how they have come together to help other women.

4, Christine Posts Relatable Content On Social Media

Christine gets many likes on social media because she promotes herself as a relatable matriarch, while other Sister Wives season 18 stars like to focus on themselves. However, Christine likes to post more about family and her role as a mother and a grandmother, which most women can relate to. Over the last few months, the mom of six has posted a lot about her new partner, grandkids, daughters, and friends. She has posted relatable adventures with her fans, whether it’s family reunions or adventurous outings with David.

3, Christine’s Finally Living Her Happily Ever After With David



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Christine also has an enormous number of followers because her life has changed the most in the last few years. Robyn is still with Kody, while Meri has just become independent. In comparison, Christine found David and married him in October 2023. She loves to post about her adventures with her new husband. She likes to post about her new life with David on Instagram, which is very intriguing to fans. They have seen Christine deal with the stress of her past toxic marriage and the loneliness of polygamy. Fans want to see how much fun she’s having with her true soulmate.

2, Christine Keeps Sharing Updates About Her Family

Viewers who have been watching Sister Wives for 13 years have seen all the cast members grow old and mature over the years. Unfortunately, things have changed a lot recently as the Brown family has split apart, and it’s been hard for viewers to keep up with them. Thankfully, Christine’s Instagram page has been one place where fans can continue getting their Sister Wives fix. Many viewers follow Christine because she often shares updates about her family members and other costars.

1, Christine’s Weight Loss Transformation Has Impressed Fans



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Many followers are also there to witness Christine’s weight loss transformation. The stress of her last relationship clearly affected her health; however, Christine has since changed that and has begun a fresh and healthy lifestyle. Christine likes to talk about her weight loss secrets on Instagram and promote the products she has used to attain her new figure. Some of her followers are there to support her, while others follow her to get inspiration for their fitness journeys and follow in her footsteps. Hopefully, the Sister Wives star will continue to achieve success in her life.

1Christine’s Weight Loss Transformation Has Impressed Fans

3Christine’s Finally Living Her Happily Ever After With David

6Christine Has More Lively & Entertaining Personality

7Christine Is A Hard-working Social Media Influencer


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