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Sister Wives: Did Kody & Robyn Ruin The Show Forever?

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown are sticking it out after basically bringing down the Brown family. Should the famous duo feel guilty?

  • Kody and Robyn’s selfishness and favoritism have caused discontent and anger among the other wives, leading to the downfall of the plural family.
  •  The general mood within the family is misery, with explosive drama, grudges, and bad blood between family members.
  •  Kody and Robyn not only display disdain for the other family members, but also make poor parenting decisions, causing hurt and anger among the children. Their actions have contributed to the family’s turmoil.

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown have wreaked havoc by being all about each other. Their commitment to one another may be romantic, but it’s brought down the famous plural family. Every selfish decision that Kody and his fourth wife have made has led them to where they are now. For years, Kody fiddled while Rome burned, continuing to favor Robyn while the other wives stored up rage. He was blind to their discontent, and now, he’s paying the price. However, he may not really care. While Kody retreats into histrionics when he’s challenged, he’s ultimately aged out of polygamy. He only wants Robyn.

Sister Wives season 18 has featured some explosive drama, from screaming matches between Kody and Janelle Brown to complaints about Kody from his own kids. The general mood is misery, and only Christine and Paedon Brown lighten the oppressive mood. There are so many grudges, and the bad blood is palpable. While attempts to fix the controversial reality TV show family have been made, there’s really no way to patch up this mess. Too much has happened, and that’s a fact.

Kody & Robyn Look Down On Other Family Members (Especially Meri)

One issue with Kody and Robyn that’s ongoing is their seeming disdain for the other Brown family women, and some of the kids. They appear to believe that everyone else around them is dumb. Meri often gets the brunt of this narcissistic mindset. Kody and Meri go out of their way to try and make Meri look stupid. While Meri‘s meek, rather than bold, she shouldn’t be used as a target. Kody and Robyn often aim their aggression at the long-suffering “first wife,” who was gracious enough to give up her legal wife title for Robyn. Is that fair? Offscreen, that emotional abuse led Meri to post:


“I am not for everyone.”

Meri gets so much hate, even if it’s delivered in the form of passive aggression. While she thinks Robyn’s her friend, Kody’s favored wife is more like an enemy. She makes a fool out of Meri, and Meri never fights back. Robyn seems to feel more powerful when she puts her rival down. Robyn has a lot of character flaws, and this tendency to bully while being outwardly simpatico is one of her most glaring defects. She told Kody to give Meri a S’Mores during a BBQ, but whispered the request so loudly that Meri could hear. It hurt Meri, rather than helping her. That’s Robyn!

Kody And Robyn Can’t Get Along With The Kids

Kody and Robyn make bad parenting decisions. They’re fine with their own kids, but don’t necessarily treat Kody’s other children well. Kody didn’t even give Savanah Brown a Christmas gift! He said he’d give her one later. Maybe he’s too callous to understand how that’s going to hurt a child. Kids gets their hopes up, even when they’re older, and letting them down like that just isn’t cool.

Paedon and Gwendlyn Brown seem to be the angriest. They’re adults, and they’re able to form strong opinions about Kody. Paedon won’t even speak to his dad. However, Robyn didn’t help when she kept Paedon and Kody separated at Christmastime. Robyn thought they’d fight and ruin the holiday. She oversteps so often, causing a heap of trouble just by interfering. Gwendlyn thinks Robyn and Kody spend all of their money on each other and their kids, and other Brown offspring agree.

Clearly, the family’s in turmoil, and Sister Wives season 18 may be the last installment. While premiere ratings were sky-high, it’s possible that the family will implode in such a dramatic way that filming as a group will be impossible. If that happens, it’s not hard to figure out which two cast members brought the Brown family down.


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