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​​’Sister Wives’ Tell-All Host Sukanya Krishnan Says She’s Not Giving Kody Brown Any ‘Excuses’ After Viewer Pushback

The 'Sister Wives' tell-all host defended her approach to questioning Kody Brown, saying she wasn't making 'excuses' for the reality star.


Some Sister Wives fans aren’t getting the answers they want from the season 18 tell-all. In the four-part special, which premiered Nov. 26 on TLC, host Sukayana Krishnan sits down with the core members of the Brown family to unpack all of the latest season’s drama. But critics wish Krishnan had been tougher on Kody Brown, who so far seems unwilling to take responsibility for his role in the breakdown of three of his four marriages.

Sukanya Krishnan defends her approach to questioning Kody Brown

In the first of the Sister Wives tell-all episodes, Krishnan had one-on-one chats with Kody, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Meri Brown. Each cast member shared their thoughts on the latest season of the reality show. They also reflected on the contentious relationship between many family members.

In episode 1, Kody fielded questions about the origins of his relationship with fourth wife Robyn, the breakdown of his relationship with Janelle, and whether he had ever loved any of his wives other than Robyn. But some viewers were disappointed with the way Krishnan approached Kody.

“My biggest criticism from watching the preview, is not so much that you don’t ask the hard questions but you explain to much to Kody,” one person commented on Krishnan’s Instagram. “I wish you would just let him and Robyn talk and not direct his answers.”

Krishnan pushed back against the idea that she was carrying water for Kody.

“Sorry you feel that way,” she replied. “I don’t think I give him any excuses.”


Kody Brown admits he wasn’t in love with three of his wives in ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 tell-all

While some viewers might have preferred that Krishnan do more to call Kody out on his behavior, the tell-all has already featured some big bombshells.

In part 1, Kody confessed that he was “jealous” that his ex-wives Christine and Janelle had developed a solid friendship after they both left him. He saw that as “a big F you” to himself.

The Sister Wives star also admitted what many viewers have long suspected: that his feelings for Robyn were stronger than those he had for his other wives.

“I fell in love with Robyn. I never fell in love with anybody else. I was just choosing to be in that covenant of love with them,” he said.

Kody and Robyn’s deep connection eventually led to the breakdown of the Brown family. Kody accused his other wives of “bullying” Robyn and never fully welcoming her as another sister wife. Meanwhile, they saw the flaws in their own relationships after watching Kody and Robyn together.

“I think him marrying her, I saw what a real marriage could be,” his ex Christine told Krishnan. “I saw him with his soul mate. I saw, ‘Oh, I guess he does have it in him to help out. I guess he does have it in him — just not with me.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.


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