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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares Stunning ‘Pre-Wedding’ Shoot Pictures


Sister Wives star Christine Brown has won many hearts in the past few years. She has impressed her viewers by renouncing her toxic polygamous marriage. Hence, fans are in love with her happy phase and are manifesting a brighter future for her. Recently, the celeb again became the talk of the town by sharing some stunning ‘pre-wedding’ shoot pictures. Viewers were stunned as Christine and David made a wholesome couple together, and their sizzling chemistry was evident. Does this new photoshoot mean that their wedding is closer than we are even thinking of?

Sister Wives: Christine & David Flaunt Their Chemistry In Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Christine Brown is already in the headlines because of her new romance with David Woolley. They both have been flaunting their relationship in every possible way, and viewers are obsessed with them now. As per the current scenario, the entire Sister Wives fan base is simply manifesting their wedding and isn’t able to wait for the big day. But now it seems that Christine and David have finally taken another step towards their marriage. Recently, the former took to Instagram and posted a few stunning pictures from her pre-wedding shoot, and fans aren’t really getting enough of them!


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Christine wrote in the caption, “We got our engagement photos done!.” She further gushed, “Gosh! I LOVE how we look together!.” In the first one, the Sister Wives celeb looked straight into David’s eyes and held him close. In the next one, the latter seemed to be lost in Christine while she grinned at the camera. The third one was the most wholesome one. The couple embraced each other’s while David gave a forehead kiss to his fiance. Both seemed to be really happy together, and it was evident that they were in love with each other! Hence, fans aren’t able to wait for their big day pictures now.


Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is One Step Closer To Getting Married Now

Christine Brown’s wedding is perhaps closer than we might even think. She has been manifesting her big day for a while now. Fans are even able to see progress each day, and it is evident that Christine and David are getting closer to their marriage with each step. They started off as boyfriend and girlfriend, and now they are each other’s fiance! They even bought a house together and are working to making it make their “home.” Amid all this, Sister Wives fans seem to be most content and happy that Christine is now with David and living her dream life.

A user wrote, “I’ve never rooted for another couple’s happiness more than you two..” Another one added, “Wow! True love looks good on you.” Even Meri’s only child also couldn’t stop and gushed over them. They commented, “So beautiful [emoji] you can feel the love!!!.” Someone even demanded a spin-off for Christine and David. Many viewers agreed that a show named “Love after Polygamy” would be the best thing in the reality TV realm. Hence, it would be interesting to watch them becoming one and spending their lives together. But there is no confirmation from the network about this. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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